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Yuuki cup

The Yukki menstrual cup works by collecting menstrual fluid instead of using plastic based sanitary pads or tampons wrapped in plastic. The Yuuki menstrual cup offers total comfort of use - your menstrual bleeding will not restrict you in anything any more and will help you go plastic free in your bathroom.

The Yuuki Cup is one of our most popular menstrual cups brands. 

  • Yuuki is the Czech Republic from German made, medical-grade silicone
  • Yuuki includes a Yuuki clean cup which allows you to clean the Yuuki in the microwave
  • 2 sizes of Yuuki Cup (Yuuki Small and Yuuki Large)
  • The Yuuki large is one of the highest capacity menstrual cups, making it best for very heavy days.
  • 2 firmness options (Yuuki classic and Yuuki soft)
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Yuuki Menstrual cup Rainbow Jolly large
Yuuki Menstrual cup Rainbow Jolly small
Yuuki Menstrual cup Rainbow Line large
Yuuki Menstrual cup Classic large
Yuuki Menstrual cup Classic small
Yuuki Menstrual cup Soft large
Yuuki Menstrual cup Soft small

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Yuuki cups

The Yuuki menstrual cups are high-quality German medical grade silicone made in Czech, meeting the strictest medical standards. If you’re looking to reduce your plastic waste and go green, then a menstrual cup is a great option. A menstrual cup can last for  up to 10 years with proper care and cleaning. 

Yuuki Menstrual Cups Comfort - Firmness of Cup

Yuuki cup will exceed your expectations. It's a super pretty rainbow menstrual up, OK we know you don't see it when in use, but there is just something satisfying about having a rainbow cup! The YUKKI cup is made from medical grade silicone and is slightly thinner walls than some other menstrual cups, making them easier to insert.

When to change your menstrual cup

On your super heavy days you may need to empty your Yukki menstrual cup every 2-3 hours, but generally once in the morning and once in the evening is sufficient. The Yukki menstrual cup comes with its own Yukki cleaning cup included (sometimes called the Yukki infuser cup), which is useful for cleaning and storage. The yuuki can be sterilised in the microwave inside the yuuki infuser cup.

You can cut the whole bottom stem off of your Yuuki, depending on your choice. The grips on the bottom of the Yuuki cup are very good and you won't encounter any issues taking it out without having to pull on the stem. Yuuki stems can be cut right off or down to size on your Yuuki menstrual cups, depending on what you find more comfortable for you.

Yukki Sizes

There are two Yuuki cup sizes available:

Yuuki Small - for women who have not given birth or aged under 28 - cup length 49mm + stem 18mm, diameter 42mm, the capacity to rim 25ml.

Yuuki Large - for women who have given birth or aged over 28 - cup length 55mm + stem 20mm, diameter 47mm, the capacity to rim 37ml.