Wooden Nativity Set

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Wooden nativity sets

Christmas is all about tradition and the excitement that builds as we get closer to the big day. For many Christmas isn’t really Christmas until the nativity scene set comes down from the loft and takes its place amongst the other Christmas ornaments and holiday decorations. At Danuworld we have compiled a gorgeous collection of wooden nativity figurines so you can put together your perfect Christmas nativity scene that’s also perfect for play. And as with everything else on the site you can be certain we’ve thoroughly checked the eco and social credentials of the companies we buy from meaning you can have a guilt-free ethical Christmas.

Christmas Nativities

Unpacking the Christmas decorations, putting up the Christmas tree, choosing gifts, writing Christmas cards and listening to Christmas carols are all wonderful traditions that put us in a festive mood. Children learn the nativity story and do Christmas crafts at school or creche, many of which may have an outdoor nativity or manger scene perfect for pretend play.

Parents scrabble together Christmas nativity costumes and watch proudly as their little ones act out the nativity play at the local church. For many, the nativity story with Mary and Joseph and the birth of baby Jesus might be the only Bible story they know, while for others it’s an important part of their lives.

Plenty of families will have a ceramic nativity scene that’s been passed down through the generations. But if you don’t, or its just a bit too precious for baby to play with, we think these wooden toy alternatives make for a very attractive and traditional nativity scene.

Nativity Sets

If you are looking a complete set the Sevi large nativity scene has everything you need from the wooden nativity stable to camels, a donkey and two adorable little sheep. Mary and Joseph might not have room in the barn after all if the camels have their way. It will enable your child to understand the Christmas story and be a treasured wooden toy for years to come. We think this makes a great gift for babies first Christmas and can even be given again in subsequent years as part of an advent calendar.

Sevi has been delighting children with handcrafted wooden toys and puzzles since 1831 and there’s no reason your children won’t be passing this set onto their grandchildren when the time comes.

Build your own

Alternatively, you can build your own sets from Holztiger’s stunning range of hand-carved nativity figures, made from sustainable hardwood such as maple, beech and olive wood. They are then hand painted with watercolour paints that allow the grain of the wood to shine through making each figure wonderfully unique. These Waldorf style wooden figures are designed to inspire imaginative play but also make great ornaments and are perfect for building a wooden nativity scene to add to your Christmas décor.

Mary and Joseph are both available in various colours and positions and there’s a wide selection of angels, kings and shepherds so you can create a set that reflects your own favourite images of the manger scene. Baby Jesus can lie in his manger or you could make him his own straw bed. You can easily start with just a few figures and get busy with some nativity crafts to create the rest.

Animals and people can congregate in a handcrafted wooden stable and you could even treat them to a stained glass star. If you have children or grandchildren these timber stables might end up being a year-round fixture as they also make the perfect wooden horse barn (horses are also available) or shelters for cows, sheep pigs or fairies. Again these make great gifts individually or as a collection.

And if you are in the market for more alternative nativity scenes Santa Claus and his sleigh might make an appearance to leave little wooden presents outside the stable doors.