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Why Should You Start Using Travel Mugs

Takeaway coffee is comforting. For people who love a cup of caffeine in the morning, disposable coffee cups seem the most convenient way to have one.

reasons to use travel mugs

However, disposable coffee cups are one of the main reasons why pollution is a never ending problem. An estimated 2.5 billion cups are used in the UK annually and only a measly 1% of these cups are recycled. The bulk of these disposables are incinerated, piling up in landfills and floating in our oceans.

Many coffee brands are actively marketing their cups as recyclable. While technically thatís true, itís not whatís actually happening. Disposable cups are lined with a plastic material called polyethylene. Polyethylene makes these paper cups waterproof but also makes them difficult to recycle. Add to that fact that these cups are used for beverages, a special facility is required to recycle them and only 3 of these exist in the UK.

Even with proper waste management, these disposables donít just disappear overtime. It takes hundreds, if not thousands of years for them to decompose. And when they break down eventually, they become microplastic which could be ingested by wild animals and marine life.

Fortunately, you can make the switch to portable coffee cups so easily because they are widely available. Yes, thereís some adjustment to do at the beginning but thatís just a small price to pay if you think about the environmental impacts of disposables. Reusable coffee cups and travel mugs are eco-friendly and can be reused many times. And with proper care, you could potentially use your travel mugs for years to come. They are made from sustainable and environment-friendly materials such as glass, bamboo and stainless steel.

If you are still on the fence on why you should be using travel mugs, hereís some reason that might convince you to start using one.

Travel Mugs are Cost-efficient

An average coffee lover drinks 2-3 cups per day. If this enthusiast uses his very own reusable coffee cup, leading coffee shops will give him a discount. That discount can grow over a period of time and will save him money.

Moreso, instead of buying one from your favorite coffee shop, you can craft your own straight black or latte at home before heading out. That will save you extra.

Thermal insulation

If you want to enjoy your hot cappuccino until the very last drop while you are in a 3-hour meeting or a 6-hour flight back home, then a reusable coffee cup could let you have that simple pleasure.

Reusable coffee cups and travel mugs, especially those that are made from stainless steel have been uniquely constructed with a wonderful feature: double-walled vacuum insulation. This feature enables the cup to retain the contentís temperature for an extended period of hours.

Some travel mugs can keep coffee warm for 6 hours and iced for 24 hours. Itís the best reason to savor every drop of your favorite coffee.


Reusable coffee cups can be reused many times. That means they donít contribute to the pollution which is likely for single-use coffee cups. As they are made from sustainable materials, they also save natural resources. Unlike disposable cups, these cups have minimal carbon footprint and contribute less to greenhouse gases.

Safe to Use

Glass and stainless steel reusable coffee cups have one thing in common: no chemical leaching. This means that using these cups is safe to be filled with any beverage. No chemical is ever leached to your drink. There is also no altering or imparting of flavor. Most likely, you can transition from a hot americano to a cold smoothie. Reusable coffee cups also do not contain harmful chemicals such as BPA and lead.

Stainless steel travel mugs, which is the most popular, is the most durable and most resistant to bacterial growth which means they only require a few washings a week.

Highly Recyclable

Glass and stainless steel are recyclable materials. So this means that most reusable coffee cups that can be recycled after they retire.

In case youíre wondering what happens to the silicone sleeves and lids in glass cups, they get to be recycled too. More importantly, silicone can be decomposed. It returns to its natural state when decomposed. Not the same can be said for plastics though!

Beautifully Designed

Since you will mostly use it when traveling or commuting to work, why not choose a travel mug that you can proudly hold in your hand? There are many designs, patterns, prints and styles to choose from so thereís a reusable cup for every coffee-lover. Some have bold and gorgeous colors that are also Instagram worthy. We canít help but mention Chillyís Bottles and Fosh!

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