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What to Gift a Man Who Has Everything

It's no surprise that some people are having a hard time finding the best gifts for men. The seemingly difficult task of buying something special for someone who goes out and buys something he wants is not as hard as you think. Surprises, no matter how big or small, are always appreciated. It is the gesture that matters. The simple thought that you remembered a person is heart-warming enough.

There are many gift ideas to keep your man excited about and make him feel special on any occasion. Here are some of the best gift ideas for the man who has everything:


Memberships, Subscriptions or Gift Cards

A monthly or weekly subscription is a wonderful gift to someone who has everything. Letís say a subscription to a local farm who will send a weekly or monthly basket of fresh fruits, vegetables or fresh flowers.

Surprising someone with a membership card from a local outlet or an online store where they can get discounts or perks is perfect. If the recipient loves to travel, he can use these memberships or gift cards where the accommodation can be already paid for.

A gift card or certificate from one of their favorite restaurants is also lovely and wonderful.

Buy Something That They Love

Although the recipient may already has everything, there is no harm in buying things that he loves. It can also be that has a series of collection of these things and surprising them with another can be a valuable stash.

Buying something that they love could also help relieve stress from guessing what to give and wasting money on things that he will never use.

Craft Something Personal and Personalized Gifts

Instead of buying, you can craft or make something that can be personalized. This adds up a more personal touch to the gift. It also means that the gift is personally thought of by you.

There are gifts that can be personalized such as engraving the recipientís name on it or embroidering his/her initials. For instance, jewelries where letter charms can be added.

If you are skillful enough to paint or draw, you can gift your man a personal sketch or painting of himself. You could also write a heartfelt letter or note that you can tuck on top of the cookies you made.

Give a Gift of Experience

Giving a gift of experience is absolutely one of the best gifts that you can give to someone who has everything. Like a first time experience with wall climbing or painting class. This kind of gift can open opportunities like unlocking a hidden skill or discovering passion for new things.

It would also serve as a breather for hard-working people. These experiences become memories that they can truly treasure and cherish.

Buy A Random Gift

While it may sound thoughtless, buying something random that is unique and playful can still make your man special and appreciated. Mugs with cutesy prints or novelty items like a pirate bottle opener can be a hit with your man.

There are also random gifts you can buy that are useful. For example, a bamboo toothbrush or a bar of natural soap. Personal care products are some of the go to gifts by gift givers because everyone uses them.

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