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What Is the Best Menstrual Cup for Teenagers


Feminine sanitary cups are for every woman. It is not just for grown-ups but they’re for teenagers too. As long as a teenager has started her period, she can already use a menstrual cup.

There shouldn’t be any boundaries at all. After all, menstrual cups, like any other feminine hygiene kits, help make every period cycle less stressful, comfortable and easy.

But first, let’s get to know the importance of using a menstrual cup.

Importance of Using a Menstrual Cup

There’s a multitude of reasons why every woman who is menstruating should be using menstrual cups instead of disposables. These eco-friendly feminine hygiene devices do not have adverse effects on the environment because they are mostly made from medical-grade silicone which are biodegradable and recyclable. This means that when a menstrual cup reaches is at the end of its life, it can decompose and return to its original state. Or it could be repurposed into something entirely different like a small watering can for gardening.

These reusable cups are even touted as cost-efficient because you could potentially save money using them. You do not have to buy monthly supplies of tampons and pads and most importantly, menstrual cups can hold 3 times more fluid than disposables. Moreover, you can use a menstrual cup for up to 12 hours before you need to drain its fluid. They are safe inside the vagina and they will never pose a threat to human health. Plus, we all know sanitary kits can be so pretty expensive. It’s definitely a win-win for your wallet, your overall health and the environment.

If it’s your teenager’s first time to use a menstrual cup or you happen to know someone who might be needing one anytime soon, here’s what every teenager girl should need to know to find the best cup for them.

Know Your Cervix Position

The cervix rises and falls during a menstrual cycle. So in order to determine the best cup for a teenager, she must know the position of her cervix.

The positions can either be High, Low and Average. A high cervix position describes the cervix as being high. It cannot be felt nor reached. For this type, a longer menstrual cup should be purchased and used.

Low cervix position describes the cervix as sitting inside the vagina whilst the average position enables you to reach the cervix but it is not sitting low. The former position must be used with a shorter cup and the latter, can either be longer or shorter menstrual cup.

Find the best size

The best menstrual cups for teenage girls should be age appropriate. Usually, menstrual cups from popular brands are available in different sizes and variations. One is for women under 30 and have not yet given birth and the other for women over 30 who have already given birth.

Type of Flow

Menstrual cycles could be confusing at times because every woman’s body is different. The size of the menstrual cup that your teenage girl will be using should depend on how heavy her monthly flow is. Menstrual cups are available in various sizes and capacities so there’s a cup for light, medium and heavy flow days.

Menstrual Cup Firmness

Menstrual cups can either be soft or firm. As teenagers are still young and sensitive at this age, the softest cup would most ideal. However, for teenagers who are active and have strong pelvic muscles, a firmer cup should be used. These cups also prevents leaking when the pelvic muscles squeezes the vaginal wall.

Look For The Safest and Most Durable Menstrual Cup

There are 3 types of menstrual cups based on material; medical-grade silicone, latex and thermoplastic elastomer (TPE). Silicone menstrual cups are the most popular among the 3 because they are considered the safest because they do not cause irritation and most durable because they could last for up to 12 years with proper care.

Lastly, purchasing the right menstrual cup could be a bit difficult due to a lot of factors you need to consider. It could take you several trials and errors to find the right one for your teenager but it’s worth all the hassle because they are durable, eco-friendly and most importantly, they’re safe to use.

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