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What Is a Good Gift for a Man?

Most people agree that men are more difficult to shop for than women. So when a special occasion comes, as the gift giver, you might find yourself scrambling for gift ideas for men.


To be honest, itís not the actual gift that actually matters but mere gesture of gift giving and thought put into it are whatís important. However, if you are going to give something as a gift for men, you can go for things that are useful and things that will not just be good for the recipient, but for the environment as well.

These gift ideas are something that your brother, father, husband or picky cousin will adore, use and love. We break these things down into categories so it will be easier to find what is really a good gift for a man.

Food Storage and Beverage Bottles

Men who enjoy an active lifestyle or any man who loves to simply be prepared at all times would adore gift ideas that allow them to pack some home cooked meals for lunch at the office or store water and energy drinks for easy hydration.

High quality stainless steel food containers and flasks are perfect for storing leftovers. Some containers even come in multiple tiers where different food can be stored inside without mixing them from the other. Great examples are U-Konserve Round Nesting Trio Set and A Slice of Green Kadapa Set of Three Containers.

Reusable stainless steel water bottles and mugs are one of the best gift ideas for men. These things are something that they can use on a basketball or soccer day. Or, they can use these on a backpacking adventure or whilst at work. Qwetch, Klean Kanteen, Que and Chillyís have a wide range of stylish water bottles to keep your man hydrated in style while rCup and KeepCup have a selection of reusable coffee cups that allow your man to enjoy his favourite hot beverage wherever he goes.

Clothing Gifts

Men truly love and adore gifts that they can use and wear. These presents are the best for men who love practicality. Think about sweatshirts, socks, hoodies and beanies.

These gift ideas are practical and can be worn for active and casual type of guys. Hoodies and beanies are perfect for cold seasons. Men would love to wear something that never goes out of style and would certainly still look trendy and fashionable.

Although pretty common, socks are wonderful gift ideas for men and while you are at it, choose something thatís sustainable like a pair of bamboo socks. Along with socks is a set of boxer shorts. These adds in the name of practicality. But apart from things that they could wear, wouldnít it be fantastic to give them something that could be used like throw blankets from Artisan Fair for men who love relaxing on the couch?

Personal Hygiene

Personal hygiene products are some of the most popular gifts that appeal to men. Beard care products like shaving kit set, beard balms, beard oil and beard soap from Norse or the bamboo toothbrush from Hydrophil make for great gifts that promote plastic-free bathroom.

Or maybe you want your man to try something he hasnít done before, like using bath salts and bath bombs. Bath bombs from Agnes + Cat are packed full of natural ingredients and botanicals while bath salts from Trevarno and Wild Olive help in relaxation after a long day at work.

Kitchenware & Home Decor

Men love cooking about as much as women. Some men do it as a hobby while others are passionate about doing incredible things in the kitchen. Regardless, an eco-friendly kitchen item like a wooden chopping board or wooden spatula make for a perfect gift.

Bambu, an eco-brand, has a fantastic range of wooden kitchen and dining utensils like wooden coasters, sporks and curvy servers.

You can never go wrong with home decor as gifts. The mini jute bowls from Respiin are great containers for keys while a Himalayan salt lamp makes for a fine addition to any living room furniture.

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