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What Eco Friendly Gifts for Ladies Should I Buy

If you have a growing sentiment against excessive packaging and environmental waste, it may seem difficult to find the perfect gift for the woman who is dear and close to you. Stress not because there are plenty of readily available eco-friendly products that make for perfect gifts.


Gifts for the Environmentally Conscious

Some women are hard to understand and that could just be the hormones at work. They tend to change their minds often and some even change their moods in an instant. No matter what kind of woman you’re buying a gift for, always remember that most women deal with their mood swings triumphantly. Sometimes, over a glass of wine or over a sweet bar of chocolate.

No matter how hard it is to understand women, they always have a soft spot and nurturing side. This is what makes a woman. No matter how high she builds her walls, no matter how tough she may look, no matter how indestructible she may be, women are as soft as cotton.

That is why it is absolutely not hard to surprise women. Any gift could make her smile from ear to ear. Who doesn’t love surprises? And as easy as it is to showcase your adoration and token of appreciation for the women in your life, at least make it sustainable and full of planet-friendly credentials.

Here are a few eco-friendly gift ideas for ladies that are perfect for any occasion.

For The Home Maker

It is truly hard to maintain a spic and span home. Most of these tasks are for the mums and for the ladies who love to keep their homes organized.

Why not give a little something such as Himalayan Salt Bowl Lamp with chips that can add beauty to their room. Or hand over an ethically made bed cover and soft woven throws.

Shared Earth has also so many beautiful charms and decorations that are made ethically. To add more wonderful photos hanging on the wall, wooden photo frame is a fantastic gift. A reed diffuser or a soy-based scented candle will make any home fragrant and aromatic.

For The Shopaholic

Ladies love to go shopping so a reusable shopping bag makes for an ideal eco-friendly gift. The most common reusable shopping bag is made from jute which is a plant-based fiber. We also think the rainbow ceramic mug can fill their coffee cravings whilst they shop online.

For The Beauty Queen

We’d love to keep our beauty queen’s skin radiant and healthy. That is why a pampering set kit is ideal for our skin-loving ladies. There are also organic soaps and vegan-safe perfumes as gift ideas.

Airmid has launched a gift set that features lotion, lip balm and soap. A bath salt and bath bombs are also wonderful selections as gifts. Don’t also forget that she will love clay masks that are made from natural and organic ingredients like the ones from Agnes & Cat.

For The Travel Lover

For the women who love to travel, a reusable water bottle is ideal to quench their thirst and carry hydration around. For travels in cold areas, a comfortable organic cotton hoodie, slipper socks and beanie from Pachamama are perfect.

Fosh’s reusable beakers are also ideal to be handed as presents as they can contain any travel bee’s coffee and favorite drink.

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