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What Do Teachers Really Like to Get as Gifts?

Itís the end of the school year and you are scrambling to find the best gift for your childís teachers. Finding the perfect teacherís gift could be challenging especially if you are on a tight budget. Gift-giving is our way of saying thanks for our childrenís favourite teacher. After all, teachers play an important role in our childís life and development. But what do teachers want to receive as gifts?

teacher gifts

If you have money to spare for some teachers gifts, it doesnít hurt to buy something for your childís mentors. It really does not have to be expensive or luxurious because you know what they say, itís the thought that counts!

Reusable Coffee Cups & Travel Mugs

Just like most people, teachers start their day with a cup of coffee. You can buy your childís teacher a reusable coffee cup or a travel mug. They are all the rage right now due to environmental concerns about disposables. There are many brands like Chillyís and KeepCup that have a wide range of high quality portable mugs designed for commuters. Most of these cups fit right into any carís cup holders and some even come with a band made from either cork or silicone to make handling of the cup safe and easy especially if the contents are hot. If you want something more unique, you could go for the Gosip Rice Husk Cup which is available in a wide range of fun illustrations and designs.

Bath Salts & Soy-based Candles

Everybody wants to relax after a long day at work. Bath salts and soy-based candles are perfect for a spa experience and aromatherapy session at home. Bath salts are particularly good at soothing sore muscles and soy-based candles are far better than their paraffin counterparts. For male teachers with beards, we highly recommend checking out Norseís beard care products including beard oils, beard shampoo and more. You can buy these personal care products separately and make your own gift hamper.

Reusable Jute Bags

You can also share your dedication to reducing plastic waste with your childís teachers by gifting them reusable jute bags. They are affordable, reusable, durable and eco-friendly. Your childís teachers could use them for shopping or carrying school supplies like books, papers, pencils and more. You can take this idea a step further by teaming up with other parents and have these jute bags personalised by printing something personal on the bags like the teachersí names. This is one of the most practical gifts you should be considering.

Personalised Teacher Gifts Made by You and Your Child

If you are on a tight budget, you could go for a basket of homemade cookies and pastries. You and your child could have a bonding moment baking cookies and decorating it with plenty of sprinkles and icing. Homemade cookies are far better than store-bought ones. You can place these cookies inside an eco-friendly basket and add a ribbon to make it more presentable.

Giving gifts to teachers is not obligatory. Most teachers will even tell you that you do not have to spend anything on them because itís their job to teach your children and teaching is their passion and a reward in and of itself. You should not feel obliged to give a gift or contribute for a joint class present. Almost all teachers would accept something homemade or more personal like a thank you note. Personalised gifts like cards and heartfelt handwritten notes are the kind of gifts that are most memorable.

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