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warrior botanicals

Natural Warrior Botanicals

We love Warrior Botanicals at Danu. With deep love and respect for all of their natural ingredients, Warrior Botanicals work in harmony with nature when making their products. Their natural beauty products are handcrafted with organic and ancient ingredients in wild West Cork in Ireland. Warrior Botanicals natural deodorant creams work magic! The baking soda kills any odours whilst the arrowroot ensures you stay dry and bacteria won't thrive. Ingredients like baking soda and magnesium make your skin too salty for the bacteria to feed on the proteins and fats delivered through your sweat. Essential oils like rosemary, lavender, and eucalyptus are antibacterial whilst shea butter and natural plant oils will nurture and soften your skin.

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Page 1 of 1:    12 Items

Warrior Botanicals don't believe in using any extra ingredients such as hardeners, thickeners or preservatives so their products like the deodorant may melt in hot temperatures. Stir it up if it does melt to ensure all the ingredients are well mixed again. On hot days, you may need to keep in a fridge or a a cool place such a bathroom. The natural cream is spread under your arms (and boobs!) with your fingers. There are several different scents including the Rose one which is baking soda free, perfect for sensitive skin.

Warrior was founded by Reidin, and she handmakes everything using traditional methods and equipment in small batches with much love and care. She hand picks flowers and herbs that dry from the rafters in her house before she washes and grinds them. She hand stamps and labels each item and packs up each order with love, respect, and passion. A true artisan, some of Reidins infusions are left blending for 3 months.  and this care and attention shows through in her amazing products. Treat yourself to some today!