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Bathing Beauty Brush Set
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Keep Leaf Make Up Bag - Mesh
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PHB Blusher Brush

Blusher Brush

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PHB Brow & Lash Comb

Brow & Lash Comb

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PHB Lip & Liner Brush

Lip & Liner Brush

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Keep Leaf Make Up Bag - Hearts
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Keep Leaf Toiletry Bag - Mesh
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Makeup Brushes

Our plush, natural makeup brushes are sure to make life simple when it comes to applying your makeup. These superior plush bristle brushes will give a professional makeup finish without a lot of effort on your part. They really do the work for you!

Cruelty-free, cut and blended fine bristles will help you achieve flawless looking skin.

Makeup brushes, foundation brushes and makeup brush sets at Danu World

What are the different brushes and what do I use them for?

Whether you are looking to buy a set or just select one or two brushes, we are confident that you will find the professional makeup tools for you at Danu World.

Professional makeup brushes can be split into categories.

  • Face
  • Eyes
  • Lips
  • Concealer
  • Shader

Let's start with a foundation brush. The PHB foundation brush is designed for creating an even, flawless base. The brush hair isn’t made from animal hair. It is made from synthetic fibers as well as very soft and plush, non-scratchy and is tapered at the top to ensure even coverage so that your liquid foundation doesn't get wasted in the brush. Perfect for use with liquid foundation or BB cream, giving you fabulous coverage and a professional airbrushed dewy finish with minimal effort. Make sure to use a small amount of liquid foundation at a time and build up. Don't let the face brush get overloaded with product.

If you are using a mineral powder then you will need a kabuki brush. PHBs kabuki brush is (in our opinion) the best on the market. Again the brush hair is synthetic. The kabuki brush is retractable, the benefit to you is that you can preload it with your loose powdered foundation and store it safely in your makeup bag for use when you are out and about. The brush head is shaped with densely packed bristles to allow the powder to cover the brush head without picking too much up and wasting your powder.

The powder brush is excellent for pressed face powder. It is shaped to pick up the minimum amount of powder each time. This gives you full coverage and an airbrushed look rather than a face that is overdone.

A concealer brush is a great tool in your brush kit. It is a blending brush for concealer. You can either apply your product directly from the tube or you can pop a small amount onto the back of your hand and work from there. The medium-sized concealer brush is designed to blend and smooth your concealer camouflaging skin imperfections and create a spotless base. Every makeup application brush set needs a concealer brush in.

Blending brushes and contouring brushes are often the same as a blusher brush. We don't think you need three products where one will do. The PHB blusher brush has angled bristles on the head. Cut to allow for perfect placement of your blusher and bronzers. The soft bristles make this a great blending brush and you won't get sharp lines which don't look at all natural. When you apply blusher or bronzer, your aim is for a natural colour. Either the colour that your skin would naturally blush to or for bronzing powder, for it to be where the sun would naturally hit your skin. Ideally, you would have separate blending and smudge brushes, and a blush brush however it isn't necessary if you are just building a small makeup brush set. We are all about reducing waste here at Danu and we love a multi-tasking product where possible.

Eye brushes are a whole different story. When you are wanting to achieve a professional look to your eye makeup then you really do need a specific set of eye brushes. Eye shadow goes on best with a tapered brush. The PHB eyeshadow brush is a perfect size and shape for applying and blending mineral eyeshadows and highlighting under the brow area. Eyeliner is best applied with a liner brush. The PHB eye liner brush is dual function and can be used for lip liner or eye liner. You cannot use an eyeshadow brush in place of a liner brush as you need the precision bristles to achieve the line that you need to make. We recommend you care for your brows with a brow and lash comb. Keep those unruly brows in check and make sure your mascara is clump free. No one likes spider lashes!

You must take good care of your natural and synthetic brushes and use of a brush cleaner is recommended. Rinse the brush head with warm water and air dry the bristles to get the best out of your makeup brush set.

Start building your set, shop now while you have the information to make the correct choice of brushes for your beauty needs!