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Why should we use reusable coffee cups & travel mugs?

Talks about the coffee cup tax have made using a travel mug a hot topic. Pressing environmental issues have steered most people from using disposable beverage cups. There are plenty of benefits of using travel mugs, and the most important of these benefits is reducing environmental waste. Disposable coffee cups are coated in plastic and don't break down, ironically making them anything but disposable. And apparently, the UK throws away 2.5 billion disposable cups annually. We can start reducing these plastic waste by using a travel mug. So, ditch the plastic and grab yourself a stylish, sustainable travel mug today.

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Klean Kanteen Tumbler Vacuum Insulated 473ml
Pokito Collapsible Reusable Coffee Cup
Chilly's Bottles Coffee Cups 230ml
Klean Kanteen 295ml Steel Cup 4 pack
KANTEEN Straw Lid for Pints/Tumblers
Klean Kanteen 295ml Steel Cup
Klean Kanteen Tumbler Vacuum Insulated 592ml
FOSH Social Beaker Prints
£22.00  (1)
KeepCup Brew Cork 12oz
Klean Kanteen 592ml Steel Cup 4 pack
Neon Kactus Glass Cup Free Spirit Mint 340Ml
U Konserve Insulated S/S Tumbler
U Konserve Insulated Tumbler 236ml
Chilly's Bottles Coffee Cup 340ml Prints
Chilly's Bottles Coffee Cups 340ml
KANTEEN Tumbler Lid (for Pints and Tum)
KeepCup Brew 12oz
Klean Kanteen 473ml Steel Cup
Klean Kanteen 473ml Steel Cup 4 pack
Neon Kactus Glass Cup Rock Star Black 340Ml
Qwetch Double Walled Glass Infuse Flask 320Ml
FOSH Social Beaker
Gosip Rice Husk Cup

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5 Reasons why you need a reusable coffee cups

  1. As mentioned paper coffee cups are lined with plastic and glued together. When filled this releases trace amount of toxins, such as melamine, into the coffee. Yuck! A steel travel mug won't leech flavour!
  2. Coffee cup lids are made of plastic, much better to use a silicone or BPA-free travel mug that can be used repeatedly. 
  3. Insulated trvel mugs aren't only good for coffee. Use your reusable coffee cup or travel mug for long-lasting iced coffee and save a plastic cup from, at best, being recycled.
  4. If you buy an insulated travel mug or flask making coffee at home will save you money and you get to drink it whenever you like.
  5. Making the switch to using a travel mug can encourage others to do the same. Eco-coffee cups also make a great gift for coffee lovers.

Most coffee houses, especially coffee chains, will now give you a discount for using your own takeaway travel mug so what is to lose, you could pay for your cup in a matter of weeks and keep on saving after that? Let’s save the planet one coffee cup at a time. And look at our gorgeous range of travel mugs in stock, something for everyone!

Keepcup reusable coffee cups, made from borosilicate glass, are lightweight, durable and microwave and dishwasher safe. These glass cups are super stylish and lovely to drink from. Unlike many travel mugs, they fit nicely under your coffee maker, and as they are glass can be easily recycled. Plus they are barista approved, meaning coffee shops should be able to make your drink without using a paper cup first and decanting and have a thermal silicone sleeve to keep your coffee hot and your hands cool.

We love the rCup travel mug, the worlds first travel mug made from recycled coffee cups. Coming in two sizes, perfect for all drinkers.

What is the Best Travel Mug?

Keepcup is the most popular travel mug, but we love the FOSH range of travel mugs, their prints are gorgeous. If you want a leak proof travel mug, we recommend rCup travel mug.


Are stainless steel travel mugs safe?

Yes! Safe from toxins and bpa free!

What is a travel mug?

Generally travel mugs are insulated and reusable coffee cups are not insulated. Though over time, people use the term travel mug to refer to both cups and mugs.

I get asked a lot which travel mug I recommend so here are my top tips for choosing the best travel mug for you.

Favourite Travel Mug?

My favourite travel mug is my Fosh travel mug, I have it in Caribbean blue.

Best Travel Mug for cars?

Not all travel mug are equal! Ensure when researching your travel mug purchase to check out the travel mug diameter and will fit in your car travel mug holder.

Best Travel Mug for trains?

Depending on your mode of transport I would recommend a different travel mug. For example, my FOSH travel mug is great for the car as it fits in the travel mug holder, but not on a bus or when walking as it is not leak proof. The best travel mug then would be the rCup leak proof travel mug.

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