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Thoughtful Gifts for the Woman Who Wants Nothing

There’s gotta be something about women that would make them say that they don’t want any gifts over the holidays or on special occasions. Maybe they already have everything. Or better yet, they already have a timeline and clear picture of what things they like and would buy them personally instead.


Meaningful Gifts Ideas

Most probably, they also do not want their loved ones and friends to worry as buying gifts can be worrisome sometimes. It could be your mom who’d want nothing for her birthday not even a party or your wife who already said that she’d want nothing for your anniversary. Nevertheless, that should not hinder you from buying something that will make them feel appreciated and special.

Make sure to get something along the way to the party or buy something from an ethical shop. They will surely receive it with open arms with a big smile on their faces. Keep in mind also that these thoughtful gifts should have credentials for the environment. These gift ideas for the woman close to you could be used everyday and will make their lives easier.

But if you don’t have any idea on what thoughtful gifts to give, here’s a guide on the unique and perfect items that we think the women in your life will surely love and like.

Even if she’d say that she doesn't want anything, she still wants to come home and relax in a clean and homey vibe. In this case, scented candles, wax melts, Himalayan salt lamps and reed diffusers are perfect.

Maybe she’d want a comfy and warm snuggle in those cold days. Something like a throw blanket or Thought bamboo socks would keep her warm.

For the on the go woman who’s enjoying an active lifestyle, certainly a reusable water bottle will keep her hydrated. Moreso, if she has reusable straws, bamboo cutlery and stainless steel food flask, she won’t need to fall in line for her lunch or use disposables but instead, just bring one from home.

Grab a rejuvenating and moisturizing bath set such as bath bombs, shampoo bars, organic soaps and bath salts as a thoughtful and unique gifts. These bath products would definitely help her out when things get tough.

If she loves to detoxify and destress after a tiring day at work or from cleaning the house, she’d still look for hydrating and nourishing face masks from her stash. There is also something about self-care products that surely any woman who would want to have like natural deodorants, hydrating lotion and moisturizers. Treat her to some organic luxuries.

You could also go for home decorative pieces like picture frames to decorate your home. And if time is not an issue, you could have these personalized as well.

If the lady in your life is more of a bag person, she can use ethically made tote bags and reusable shopping bags. Rex London and A Slice of Green have a wide selection of reusable bags to reduce your plastic use.

Pretty sure she’d love to smell nice and clean. Perfumes never go out of style and luckily there’s a brand that’s vegan and eco-friendly. Pacifica makes perfumes using natural ingredients and their fragrances are free from nasty chemicals like parabens. It’s an added bonus that their natural perfumes come in stylish cardboard boxes.

You could also encourage your sister, mom, wife or girlfriend to live eat healthy. We have an amazing range of stainless steel lunch boxes along with insulated lunch bags to keep your home cooked meals at the right temperature. They could also bring their favourite sandwich at work using beeswax wraps from Abeego.

By far, you’d still want to remain classic and timeless in being thoughtful. So why not grab a bag and fill it with chocolatey treasures from the finest fair trade cocoa. Pair it with flowers picked from your own backyard. These duo makes the most perfect way of being thoughtful.

And lastly, if you’re still stuck, go for gift cards, memberships and subscriptions. Memberships allow her to join eco-friendly groups that share the same passion or you could buy her a monthly subscriptions from a local farm and shop where she will receive monthly supplies of ethically grown fruits, flowers, plants and vegetables.

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