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Things to Do With Your Mum on Mother's Day


Motherís Day Activities

This Mother's Day, aside from gifts, honor your mum and show her how you appreciate all her hard work by doing wonderful activities and experiences with her. Remember that it is not always about money, flowers, jewelry and cards.

A mother is the first special woman in everyoneís life. Motherhood is truly a rewarding and unpaid labor. All the sacrifices, love, care and support our moms have given us are incomparable. No one and nothing could suffice to that.


Mums love plants and they love gardening. They spend a lot of time looking after their ornamental plants and even their mini herb garden. Gardening makes for a memorable bonding moment between you and your mum. It is an activity that you and your mom can do on Motherís Day. You can bring over some of her favorite plants. Or you can help her pullout weeds and water her plants.

Seedballs make for a wonderful eco-friendly gift. They are basically seeds of natural wildflowers wrapped in solid clay that you can throw in your garden. These amazing flowering plants donít need much tending to so you can leave it out there and wait until they start flowering. Sheíll definitely love these plants as well as the time you spent together.

Bond in the Kitchen

Since we couldnít fend for ourselves when we were young, our mums attended to our every need such as cooking our favorite food.

This Motherís Day, you and your mom can bond in the kitchen and cook together. You can ask for her secret recipes and even introduce one. Enjoy the meal together and keep the cooking session fun by taking photos of you and your mum and the food youíre cooking.

Book A Weekend Getaway

Plan ahead and book that flight with your mom for the ultimate Motherís Day weekend getaway. We know she needs the time off of cleaning the house or keeping the home spic and span.

Spend the weekend in a hotel or on the beach. Tour some of the historical sites or take her to places she has been dying to come but too busy to visit. Donít forget to take photos!

Host A Fun Game Day With The Whole Family

Despite your busy schedule, make sure to spend the day with your mum this Motherís day. She surely misses playing board games with her grown up kids or seeing the whole family compete in friendly competitions again. There is truly no place like home where all of you can celebrate the occasion instead of spending it at a high-end restaurant. Then, take a break and watch a slideshow video that you and your siblings have compiled. Your mum will surely love and treasure the day with the whole family.

Surprise Her With A Spa or Pampering Session

Most mums donít have time for themselves because theyíre busy tending to the needs of their family. They always make sure that everyone in the family is put first before her which could be stressful and tiring. So why not surprise your mum with a day in the spa or a pampering session. Sheíd love a relaxing body scrub or a whole body massage. Sheíd like the idea that she can finally have her nails cleaned or have her hair done.

Date To A Concert

A night that mom can truly remember is a date to a musical or fun concert. On Motherís Day, reward her with a ticket to her favorite show or date her to a concert where the two of you can have fun all night.

Take Her To A Shopping Spree

Mom will surely love this! The idea that sheíll never have to spend anything on whatever her heart desires is truly blissful for her. Take her to a mall, a haven for plants and flowers or any shop where she can have a shopping spree all to herself. If you can set a budget, thatís okay and understandable or if money is not an issue, go ahead and let mom splurge once a year.

Plan A Picnic

Pack a hearty lunch for everyone and head to the park. Set up the picnic and enjoy the moment with mum and the whole family. It doesnít have to be outside the town, it can also be in the backyard

See A Movie

Pretty sure mom has been dying to watch this particular movie showing on Motherís Day. Why not buy her tickets to the movie and popcorn or set up the living room for a cozy movie night with the whole family. Have a marathon of her favorite movies or TV shows. Itís her day after all.

Go To An Art Exhibit, Gallery or Museum

On Motherís Day, there will surely be a lot of deals in museums, galleries and exhibits. Take her and the whole family to this adventure and enjoy the rest of the tour. She may truly be dying and wanting to go to one of these but havenít had the chance because of work and household chores.

No matter how expensive or cheap these things could be, the best way to showcase gratitude and appreciation is through treating her kindly, nicely and with utmost respect.

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