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The Safest & Reliable Deodorants for Children

Picking the safest deodorant for kids 

As kids begin growing into young grownups they go through big hormone and physical changes. Sweat and body odour can be humiliating for children and you need to find the best and safest deodorant for them. Discovering a natural, mild, safe deodorant can be a genuine help in assisting kids feel great and in control of their quickly changing bodies, without exposing them to unncessary chemicals.

What age should a child start using deodorant? 

Using deodorant is quite normal for teens but some children will begin establishing body odour at a much more youthful age, and it's not uncommon for kids to start getting a bit smelly as young as 8 or 9. There's no specific age for a kid to start wearing deodorant it really depends on the child. As kids start growing into young grownups they go through huge hormonal and physical modifications. 

Body smell from sweat takes place are germs begin breaking down the sweat, it's not the sweat itself that smells, so encouraging more routine cleaning can help, however, you may also need help from a deodorant.  There are lots of gentle, natural deodorants that are safe for kids and teenaers. You and your kids can choose when the time is right without worrying about chemicals or other nasties being applied to the skin

Which deodorants are best for kids

The best deodorants for kids will be natural and mild, operating in harmony with their body to keep them feeling dry, fresh and positive. If you need to mask your child's body smell, and you prefer an item that does not contain aluminum, parabens, or other similar active ingredients, there are many natural deodorants for kids.

We advise against using antiperspirants for children (check out our article on the difference between deodorant and antiperspirants). We feel that interrupting the bodies natural functions isn't good or natural at any age and that our bodies should be celebrated, even the mucky yucky bits. So we think the very best deodorants for kids (and grown-ups in fact) are those that permit the body to work , whilst also keeping you dry and smelling fresh at the same time. As they won't have been using antiperspirants for several years there's no detox period to deal with either.

Broadly speaking natural deodorants are readily available as sticks, creams or sprays. You can select one with a fragrance or decide for fragrance-free. For more younger children, you may choose a fragrance-free option and older teens will likely want to select their own scent. The scents in natural deodorants tend to come from essential oils, and it is advisable to avoid these in younger children.

Even natural deodorants can trigger a reaction in fragile underarm skin so you may wish to begin with a fragrance-free formula without sodium bicarbonate, to start with, although there's no reason why kids should not use any of our natural deodorants. Before using, do a skin patch check of the deodorant on a small area of their body, maybe on the back of their hand. Search for any indications of an allergic response like inflammation, bumps, or itching. If no reaction, then tt's likely safe for your children to use a bigger quantity under their arms.

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