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Sustainable Gifts for Him That You Can Feel Good About

Going green is a choice. Sometimes buying or using less is more. This principle applies the same way to gift giving and one good thing about it is that it actually encourage the recipient to care more about the environment and live sustainably as well. There are many presents for men that show how committed you are to environmental causes.

sustainable-gifts-for-him-that-you-can-feel -good-about

On any special occasion, most people have a hard time choosing gifts especially for men. There are plenty of gift guides out there but not all are good for the environment and sustainable.

Sustainable gift giving involves not just the gift itself but the packaging as well. You can wrap gifts in the most economical and eco-friendly way. Choosing the right gift to give even reduces carbon footprint and could actually help save natural resources such as fuel.

Here are some gift ideas for him that are perfect for any occasions and celebrations:

Zero-Waste Bathroom Essentials

The bathroom is where plastic waste can accumulate the most which makes it the first place in your house to start promoting zero-waste.

All men use personal hygiene products and some are even into skin care and body care regimens like women do. Giving a gift that promotes a zero-waste bathroom is one way of being an advocate of sustainability.

Natural deodorants that are made ethically are ideal gifts. Ben & Anna and Pit Putty are popular natural deodorant brands. Their products are made from natural ingredients and free from nasty chemicals like parabens and aluminium. They also come in eco-friendly packaging like recycled cardboard tubes which is an added bonus.

If he plans to grow a beard or already has a beard, beard care and grooming products made from organic and natural ingredients are perfect. Norse, a popular brand in the UK, makes eco-friendly and green beard care products like safety razors, shaving kits, beard oils, balms and more.

Eco-friendly oral care products such as bamboo toothbrushes and plastic-free toothpastes are also a great options. Hydrophil has a wide range of bamboo toothbrushes featuring bamboo handles and petroleum-free castor oil bristles. We love Ben & Anna’s plastic-free toothpaste which are made from sea buckthorn, chamomile, cinnamon, and calcium. Lamazuna’s solid toothpaste which comes in compostable wooden stick is a unique take on toothpaste.

Ethically Made Clothing

More people are increasingly aware of the environmental effects of some of the daily items we use like clothing items. It’s important to some people that the clothing they wear are made from sustainable materials like cotton and bamboo and the workers who make these items are paid with living wages.

Hoodies, beanies and sweatshirts from brands that are committed to fair trade practices and sustainable production process make for excellent gifts for men. Bamboo socks are also popular among green gift givers. These socks are made from soft seamless bamboo fibers that are good on the environment and feet!

Sustainable Gifts For Everyday Use

Anything that can be reused is actually sustainable such as reusable straws and reusable stainless steel water bottles. These items are perfect for all lifestyles.

By simply using reusable straws, the use and production of plastic straws that are harmful for the environment will be greatly reduced. U-Konserve, Eco Living and Qwetch have a wide selection of reusable straws that your man can bring with him everywhere he goes.

Klean Kanteen and Chilly’s make some of the most stylish and best stainless steel water bottles. Que with their innovative collapsible water bottles are also amazing. These items will keep your man hydrated in style.

Bamboo sporks, stainless steel food canisters from Klean Kanteen and U-Konserve as well as reusable sandwich wraps from Abeego are gifts to promote healthy eating habits and waste free lunch. Instead of eating fast food, your man can enjoy home cooked meals at work or a delicious tuna sandwich wrapped in Abeego beeswax wrap.

Plastic-Free Kitchenware

Some men are into cooking and some even spend most of their time in the kitchen so giving them gifts that they can actually use in the kitchen are highly recommended.

Plastic-free kitchenware like wooden chopping boards and reusable wipes are some of the ideal plastic-free gift ideas for him. Reusable wipes enable the reduction of disposable wipes when cleaning countertops or mopping up spills. Washable beeswax wraps can also help reduce plastic in the kitchen by using it for storing leftovers and slices of fruits and vegetables.

There are also scourers and cleaning brushes that are made from coconut husk. These types are sustainable and good for the environment.

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