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Safety razors are making a resurgence as people ditch plastic razors, Safety razors are sustainable shaving options, but actually they work much better giving a much closer shave! We love the Norse range of safety razors, handmade in UK, they are top quality, with every part being replaceable or repairable. Not only are you reducing plastic and waste you will also save money and have a much more stylish safety razor for your shave, check out those gorgeous chrome handles!

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Up Close Mens Shave Oil

Up Close Mens Shave Oil

Norse Shaving Brush Tortoise
Norse Mach 3 Shaving Set
Norse Ivory Safety Razor
Norse Shaving Mug
Norse Double Edged Safety Razor Shaving Set
Norse Hair Wax
Norse Shaving Brush Ebony
Norse Shaving Brush Ivory
And Personal Ladies Shave Oil

And Personal Ladies Shave Oil

Norse Hand Salve
Norse Safety Razor Blades
Trevarno Aftershave Oil

Aftershave Oil

Trevarno Cedarwood, Juniper & Pine Bath & Body Oil

Cedarwood, Juniper & Pine Bath & Body Oil

Trevarno Men's Facial Moisturiser

Men's Facial Moisturiser


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Shaving is the quickest and cheapest option for most of us. It can be disastrous though and ingrown hairs can plague you if you haven't got your technique right. You will see regrowth within hours sometimes and certainly by the following day. It is a DIY method that we have done at one stage or another. Shaving oil and Shaving gels make for a more comfortable and close shave.

When men are having a wet shave, they will often use a shaving oil to soften the bristles and condition their skin. The oil reduces the chance of the blade dragging the skin as it provides the perfect lubricated surface for the razor to glide effortlessly over the skin.

The art of shaving has almost been lost due to the popularity of disposable and electric razors.

We can help you find a more green way to achieve a smooth shave without filling a landfill with plastic and polluting the oceans with plastic microbeads.

Wet Shaving

For wet shaving, the best way of preventing razor burn is to prepare the skin correctly pre-shave. Use a shave cream or natural shaving soap. The idea is to not disrupt the skins natural oils by using a harsh soap or foam.

Ensure your natural shaving soap has organic ingredients such as grapeseed oil, castor oil, olive oil and essential oils to preserve the natural oils on the face. For the best close shave, a good quality shaving brush will lift the hairs and give the beard a gentle clean. Well lubricated skin makes for a more comfortable shave. Use a safety razor to glide through the shaving cream. (Metal safety razors are a good long-term investment. You can change the blades and keep the handle. Reducing waste and reusing products is part of our core values here at Danu World and we are happy to make suggestions to help you achieve this.)

Start in the direction of the hair growth to prevent razor bumps. For a very close shave, once the initial hair has been removed, it is advised to apply more shaving cream and then work the razor against the hair growth.

Follow up with an after-shave balm to prevent sensitive skin.

There are also products such as creams. It works fairly quickly however it can be smelly, can cause irritation due to the chemicals involved and can be costly if you want to remove body hair as opposed to facial hair.

It is bad for polluting our waterways and oceans, therefore, isn't a viable option.