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Shared Earth Salt Lamp Pyramid 15Cm

Shared Earth Salt Lamp Pyramid 15Cm

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  • Made in Pakistan Salt Lamp Pyramid.
  • Protects the environment by cutting carbon emissions and energy bills.
  • Natural, soothing and attractive lighting for rooms.
  • Claims to soothe allergies, purify air and boost mood.

Shared Earth Salt Lamp Pyramid 15 cm

Decorate your houses and rooms with this wonderful Shared Earth Salt Lamp Pyramid in 15 cm.

This amazing Salt Lamp Pyramid is soothing, natural and attractive lighting that adds aesthetics to your room and beautifies it. It is ideal to use at night as it helps people with a sleeping disorder and will never cost anything to the Earth.

You can become an advocate of the planet when you got this product as it cuts electric consumption, carbon emissions, and energy bills by 90% by its LED light bulbs that last longer.

What is the purpose of Himalayan Salt? Salt lamps claim to clean the air at home, soothe allergies and boost mood. The impurities and trace minerals in the salt give the lamp its characteristic pink an red coloration.

Dimension: 13 cm x 13 cm x 15 cm

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