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Seedball Beetle Mix
Seedball Beetle MixSeedball Beetle MixSeedball Beetle Mix

Seedball Beetle Mix

Our Price:  £5.99

Size:  c.20 seedballs per tin

  • Tin contains 20 seedballs of 30 seeds from a mix of wild plants.
  • Wild plants that attracts ladybugs and beetles for pollination.
  • Can cover 1 meter square of garden bed or 3-5 medium size pots.
  • Each seedball comes with a clay, chillipowder and compost for a headstart.

Seedball Beetle Mix

Let's save the ecosystem, let's save the beetles and ladybugs! Reap this wonderful Seedball Beetle Mix and sow a mix of native wildflowers that ladybugs and beettles will surely love!

Seedball Beetle Mix contains 20 seed balls enough to cover 1 meter square in a garden bed or 3-5 medium sized pots. Each seedball features a clay that protects the seeds, a chili powder that deters insects and a compost that gives them a headstart.

Each tin of Beetle mix's seedball contains approximately 30 seeds from a mix of Common Knapweed, Cornflower, Cow Parsley, Field Scabious, Foxglove, Great Burnet, and Yarrow.

This beetle mix is a mixture of plants that attracts beetles and ladybugs that helps in pollination and plays an important role in garden ecosystem. It is easy to use and requires less gardening skills. Just choose what wildflower you will like, scatter it and the seeds will germinate and grow. Best to scatter in Autumn or Spring.

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