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Safix Coconut Fiber Scouring Pad

Safix Coconut Fiber Scouring Pad

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Material:  Coconut fibre & natural latex
Packaging:  Card Wraparound
Dimensions:  x x
Vegan:  Yes
Sustainable:  Yes

  • Compostable and plastic-free scouring pad.
  • Made from plant-based material coconut fiber.
  • Nonscratch and safe for hard surfaces.
  • Will last for months when used and composted when worn out.

Safix Coconut Fiber Scouring Pad

If you want to reduce the use of harmful and plastic cleaning/scouring pads, this amazing Safix Coconut Fiber Scouring Pad is for you.

This scouring pad is made from 100% coconut fiber that do not contain microplastics that is harmful to our environment. It is ideal to use for pans, tray and other hard surfaces. It is non-scratch so you will never have to worry using this for your nonstick pans or tiles.

You can use this for months and can be composted when worn out. It uses less soap and produces more suds.

It is nontoxic and an environment-friendly alternative to green scratchy pads.

Size: 10 cm x 7 cm x 1.5 cm

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