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The Benefits of ModernReusable Nappies& Nappy Kits

Choosing reusable nappies is a great choice to make; for you, your baby and the planet. Most reusable nappies are convenient, offer great value for your money and good for the environment. They require less energy to produce and have much less impact on the environment. Some are hesitant to make the switch to reusable nappies because of the initial outlay that can be prohibitive. However, buying a few reusable nappies at a time can be cost-effective in the long term because they're washable and durable. These are only some of the benefits reusable nappies offer that disposable ones don't.

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Petit Lulu Snap In One (SIO) Complete
Flip Daytime Organic Cotton Inserts (3 pack)
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Bumgenius Elemental Joy Pocket Nappy
Little Lamb Bamboo Boosters
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Little Lamb Bamboo Boosters Triple Thickness
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Little Lamb Fitted Bamboo Nappy
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Flip Disposable Inserts (Plastic Free)
Little Lamb Bamboo Inserts
Little Lamb Nappy Liners
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Hemp Babies Raw Silk Nappy Liner

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Use cloth nappies full time and you will not only save money but save approximately 4000-5000 disposable nappies from landfill. And even if you don't go full time just 5 washable nappies each used twice a week would mean 500 less disposable nappies over the course of a year.<

A modern cloth nappy is similar in many ways to a disposable nappy. You change a cloth nappy in pretty much the same way as disposable nappies, you throw it in a nappy bin, bucket or wet bag rather than your general waste bin, and 

Washable nappies are gentler. Baby's skin is very sensitive and can easily react to the chemicals found in disposable nappies. Modern cloth nappies are absorbent, keep baby dry and are made from natural materials that are gentle for baby's skin. Many people find they are great for avoiding nappy rash. 

Types of Cloth Nappy

All-In-One Nappies

An all in one nappy system really is as simple to use as disposables. Sure, you have to wash them but that's pretty easy to get used to. You can add disposable nappy liners to make getting rid of poop easier, and even bamboo boosters for extra absorbency at night. 

Two Part

The difference between an all in one cloth nappy and the two part system is that the waterproof cover is separate to the rest of the nappy meaning you just swap out the inner when you change. 

The outer wrap can be stuffed with anything from prefolds to shaped nappies and even a wash cloth in an emergency. They can be easily adjusted as your baby grows so are suitable right up to potty training, and have even been used over a disposable to prevent leaks. 

Pocket Nappy

Pocket nappies are a bit of a cross between the two. With a pocket nappy you have a waterproof outer layer that has a usually fleece lining and a pocket into which you stuff as much or as little  absorbency as you require, ie bamboo boosters for night time or a cotton nappy liners for the day. 

Pocket nappies might be the best reusable nappies for sending to nursery or childcare especially if they are not used to cloth as they are pretty much the same to change as disposable nappies.

A pocket nappy is generally quick drying and is a very popular style of cloth nappy. 

Finding the best reusable nappy or nappy kitfor you...

Decided you're done with disposable nappies but still not sure of the best reusable nappy for you? A birth to potty cloth nappy that grows with your baby or newborn nappies for the perfect fit in those early days? Quick drying two piece nappies or one part nappies that even the baby sitter can use? A pocket nappy or a two part nappies?

Get in touch with our friendly customer service team, take our nappy questionnaire or browse the youtube videos. We pride ourselves on being a natural baby company that is knowledgeable and friendly, and we're always here to help.

We'll happily talk to you about nappy liners, bamboo boosters, potty training, fit, washing care and brands to make choosing cloth as easy as possible for your and your lifestyle. 

Reusable nappies

Many people make the switch to cloth baby wipes because they already use washable cloth diapers but if you're starting with washable wipes and looking for other eco baby alternatives reusable nappies are a superb next step. 

We stock a wide variety of brands including Bambino Mio, Flip, Bumgenius, Petit Lou Lou and Little Lamb and have a great cloth nappy questionnaire that will help you start your search for the best cloth nappy option for you from newborn baby to potty training. You can prioritise organic or look specifically for nappies that will dry quickly if you have limited drying space. 

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