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Whether you call them cotton pads, reusable makeup pads, makeup remover pads, cotton reusable wipes, or reusable cotton rounds these gorgeous pads are just so versatile and useful! Reduce, reuse, recycle is what we all need to do, and a really easy step to plastic free or zero waste living is to replace single-use cotton pads with these reusable rounds. Simply pop the cotton pads in a wash bag when you have used them, wash and reuse hundreds of times!

Discover the joys of using reusable today!

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Lamazuna Reusable Makeup Pads 10 Pack
Petit Lulu Reusable Cotton Pads
Petit Lulu Reusable Baby Wipes

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If you want to reduce waste in your life, then a really helpful way to begin is simply by swapping our single use items in your life to more reusable options. These eco friendly reusables are soft, organic, natural and kind to your skin and will really help reduce waste today! Such simple steps, which can easily be done, will really help in our battle against waste!

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