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plastic free teabags

Plastic Free Teabags & Fairtrade Tea

With our wide selection of plastic-free teabags, you can rest assured you are getting an ethical, socially responsible and tasty premium cuppa whatever the occasion. Fairtrade tea is vital for tea farmers and tea producers. The Fairtrade Foundation not only ensures fairtrade standards and minimum price are met but also working conditions for tea farmers and producers are fair and sustainable. Also, the fairtrade premium goes towards vital community projects in the more impoverished communities of the world, investing in different infrastructures. The tea farmers and workers decide what to spend the premium on locally. Get your plastic-free teabag today!

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Hoogly Tea Apple Strudel
Hoogly Tea Baked Apple Chai
£5.25  (1)
Hoogly Tea Chocolate Brownie
Hoogly Tea Marzipan
Hoogly Tea Sparkling White
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Tea Huggers Ever Green Green Tea Premium Tea Bags 15's
Hoogly Tea Chill out Mint
£4.75  (1)
Hoogly Tea Spiced orange
Hoogly Tea English Breakfast
Eco Living Reusable Organic Tea Bags
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Tea - Loose leaf tea and tea bags

If ethical tea is more you, then we have tea bags and loose leaf tea which tastes good, and does good! Green tea, earl grey, masala chai, rooibos, black teas and herbal infusions, from small artisan UK producers to large-scale Fairtrade certified corporations, there’s enough tea here to open a tea shop.

Tea has some amazing health benefits. Matcha Green Tea is believed to boost your metabolism by up to 40% thus promoting weight loss, and green tea extracts contain high levels of antioxidants. Matcha drinkers consume 137 times more catechins than ordinary green tea drinkers. We love Pure Chimp, a loose tea in powder form, you don’t even need a pot. Just add hot water.

Alternatively, you could try Tea Huggers Skinny Fit with a base of Chinese oolong tea. Tea Huggers herbal teas include Flu Fighter and a Good Night infusion.

Want to take in the Danish Hygge way of life, then Hoogly tea is just for you. From traditional blends such as Earl Grey, (a delicate blend of tea leaves from Sri Lanka, infused with natural bergamot oil and combined with zesty lemon peel and sweet-scented orange blossom) to eco-friendly ethical herbal infusions with a twist of fun, like Spiced Orange or Marzipan. The loose leaf tea bags are fully biodegradable and certified organic, so again no tea infuser required.

Brew tea company, Williamson and Whittard of Chelsea all cater for those wanting a more traditional cup of tea.

Williamson have some beautiful tea tins which make lovely gifts, perfect for your afternoon tea table, and all their teas are rainforest alliance certified, fair trade and sustainably farmed. Whittard Breakfast tea is perfect for everyday tea drinking. An organic tea that’s good with or without milk. And Brew Tea Co’s Moroccan Mint (which comes in loose leaf or bags) is a refreshing herbal tea that makes a great iced tea in summer.

Brewing Tea

Drinking tea is easy but with so many types of tea, tea brewing can be a bit of an art form. Different varieties require different water temperatures and infusion times. And you might need a strainer or an infuser.


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