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Eco friendly products will help you to bring your own and reuse, don't accept those plastic straws anywhere you go! Ditch the coffee disposable cup and use one of ours made from either glass or bamboo. Discover our a wide range of eco-friendly stainless-steel water bottles, barista friendly coffee cups and reusable straws.


Since David Attenborough and the Blue Planet II, the UK’s concern over plastic waste and its damaging effects on the environment has rocketed. Many of us a looking for ways to cut down on the amount of single-use plastic we get through and switch to products made from more sustainable resources. Plastic bottles, takeaway cups, and plastic straws are a great place to start.

What is Eco Living, and how can we easily achieve it with Eco Friendly Products?

Eco Living should be something that we all try to incorporate into our daily lifestyles. As climate change continues, we at Danuworld firmly believe we cannot continue on the current path of consumption and global warming. We need to focus on sustainable living and sustainable development, conserve water and energy, recycle and reduce waste, to protect the environment. 

To help you 'be the change', we've compiled a pretty impressive collection of the best and most innovative eco-friendly products, so you can reduce your waste and move towards more sustainable consumption.

Eco Living

All these sustainable products, from cleaning products to reusable water bottles, jute shopping bags to stainless steel drinking straws, have been carefully chosen for their environmental and social responsibility right along the supply chain. We think long and hard about the eco friendly products we sell, so you don't have to.

The companies who make these products share our business ethics. They create ethical products which are eco-conscious without animal testing or child labour, they use recycled materials where possible, employ fair and ethical trading principles and are continually striving to make the world a better place. Seedball even have a solar powered factory!

Whilst the idea of Green living is appealing, it can also be daunting so here are some very easy steps incorporate eco living into our everyday lives. 

10 zero waste swaps to get you started on your green living journey:

1. Ditch the plastic bottles

The facts on figures on single use water bottles are scary, they are often not recycled, meaning millions of bottles end up in landfill and our oceans. Each plastic bottle you don't use makes a difference, making this a very easy green lifestyle change to make. 

Replace plastic water bottles with stainless steel, they are non-toxic, BPA free, and if you look after them will last a lifetime, ideal for water or other drinks. FOSH make a wide range of colours and sizes, from 500ml which are perfect for toddlers to 1l for the sports enthusiast. You can even choose the Made Sustained insulated version to keep drinks cold (or warm) so you're not tempted to grab a bottle of water from the fridge on a hot day.

2. Banish plastic straws

Single use straws take 500 years to decompose. And even the bio degradable paper ones are not exactly green products. Often it's just a case of saying 'no straw please when you order a drink', but we understand that sometimes it's nice to have a straw, especially for kids, so we stock a range of steel straws which are reusable time and time again. And there are specially designed cleaning brushes so you don't have to worry about mouldy smoothie next time you sip a G&T

3. Stop using clingfilm use an eco-friendly alternative

There are some amazing eco-friendly products on the market to replace single use plastic wrap and we've picked the best of the bunch. 

Abeego reusable food wrap offers a sustainable, breathable, biodegradable alternative to cling film, tin foil and plastic food bags. It's 100% natural, biodegradable, and much better for your organic food than plastic and chemicals. Simple to use and clean they let food breath while keeping it fresh. Perfect for lunches, keeping bread fresh, and covering leftovers in the fridge. And after a year or more when they've come to the end of their life you can simply put them in the compost. Our range of reusable baggies and sandwich wraps are perfect for lunch or snacks on the go, and many of them even double as a placemat. plus they fold down neatly so you aren't carrying about a bulky lunch box when you're done.

4. Buy reusable food storage bags

Recycling is a good first step, and most local authorities do now recycle plastic food containers, but reusable is always better. We have a wide range of stainless steel lunch boxes, reusable snack bags and food storage, many of which are fair trade or at the very least ethically traded. Meaning your eco living choices are also ethical decisions.

Great for the fridge, freezer and out and about they should help you reduce your food waste to. Our insulated food jars have the added benefit of letting you eat nutritious home cooked food on the go, reducing waste and the amount you spend on lunches.

5. Coffee!

Single use coffee cups, even if they aren't plastic, still take a huge energy consumption and natural resources to produce and are not good for the environment. Keep cups are stylish, ergonomic and barista approved. Choosing sustainable products really doesn't mean you have to compromise on quality. Our range of insulated bottles and coffee cups are great if you want to take coffee from home, saving you money as well as doing your bit for the environment. And let's try and make it fair trade coffee, we have a gorgeous range of artisan produced fairtrade or fairly traded coffee which is divine. Just because we are living green doesn't mean we have to give up our favourite beverages.  Fairtrade premium is essential to helping poorer farmers invest in their community, to improve their efficiencies so they can command higher prices and of course, can feed their families.

6. Say goodbye to plastic bags

In theory this is a super easy switch towards a sustainable lifestyle. We have a lovely range of Fairtrade jute shopping bags. And the organic cotton re-sack bags are perfect for slipping in your handbag and buying fruit, veg, and bread without the plastic. Jute products are sustainable by nature. Jute is a fast-growing crop that removes a large amount of CO2 from the atmosphere and enriches the soil. 

7. Switch to green cleaning products

Cleaning products can have a big impact not only on our environment and our water but also on our health. A switch to green cleaning can be surprisingly simple, cost-effective and rewarding, biodegradable products like the Green Frog Botanic laundry soap nuts, have been used as cleaners for centuries, they are kind to your skin and your wallet, plus they don't come in plastic bags. The Saffix scrub pad, coconut hair bonded with natural latex, is also 100% biodegradable, ethically traded, and kind to the environment, your dishes and your hands. Swapping cleaning products for white vinegar, water, baking soda and lemon juice is also surprisingly effective. Nature provides great environmentally friendly cleaners.

8. Sustainable kitchen utensils

It's not just cleaning products you can replace in your kitchen. All sorts of things can be replaced with eco-friendly alternatives as they reach the end of their life cycle, moving you towards a sustainable lifestyle. Reusable utensils are also great for taking out and about and reducing your plastic consumption by not using single-use cutlery. People will be impressed when you whip out your bamboo fork.  Bambu make stylish, practical bamboo kitchen utensils from organic bamboo. Being naturally stain resistant, hypoallergenic and anti-microbial, it's the perfect material for food preparation. Plus the fact that they are fairtrade means you are supporting sustainable community around the globe.

9. Choose green products for your personal care.

This is a big one and choosing eco friendly products can seem particularly daunting when its so well personal. But this is one area you can make a big difference simply replacing products as you finish them, like for like. Swap tampons and pads for eco friendly products like menstrual cups. We have a great range of reusable menstrual cups and cloth pads which will give you a big tick in the sustainable lifestyle box. They're not only better for the environment though, they are better for your body and your pocket. And if you aren't quite ready to take the plunge (although trust us it's great) or you occasionally need something disposable, Natracare sanitary products are made from 100% organic cotton, plastic free, bio-degradable and an environmental win. Ditch the plastic bottles in your bathroom and instead choose solid soap and shampoo bars. And switch your toothbrush to bamboo.

10. Opt for Sustainable Beauty

Natural living has never been easier when it comes to eco-friendly products. We have a great range of skincare and makeup made from 100% natural ingredients.

There are loads of products that come in glass and metal containers which can be repurposed once you've finished and PHB, which stands for Pure, Handmade, British, package all their products in eco-friendly packaging that comes from post-consumer recycled sources. There are also lots of simple changes we can all make that will dramatically reduce our environmental impact. 

Here are a few extra tips on how to live eco friendly.

  • Switch of plugs when not in use. It's a simple habit that will reduce energy consumption. And while your add it start replacing light bulbs with LED's and make your home for energy efficient.
  • Turn down the thermostat. Pachamama make some super cosy hoodies to keep you warm and cosy and we have a great range of >throws to cuddle up under.
  • Switch to a renewable energy supplier and instantly reduce your carbon emissions and increase the demand for solar power.
  • Where possible buy organic produce, and even better fairtrade food, to encourage more organic farming and more fairtrade projects.
  • Where possible choose recycled products and biodegradable products, and don't buy new until you need to. This might be as simple as changing your toilet paper. 

Go on, be eco-friendly today! Ditch plastic, grab some reusable bags, and reusable coffee cups. Protect our planet today, there is no planet b!