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Plastic Free Bathroom Products

If you are looking to reduce your waste, a great place to start is in the bathroom. Something as simple as switching your toothbrush over to a sustainable bamboo one. Or switching out shower gel in plastic tubs to soap on a rope - natural & so refreshing. But even simple swaps like skincare in plastic bottle to glass bottles or metal tins is a good step forward, so join the zero-waste revolution today!


Our top tips for zero waste bathrooms!

It seems like a no-brainer these days to try and at least reduce the amount of pollution we produce. And with the number of choice, value-for-money products available on the market, there’s never been a better time to make some changes!

If you’re ready to join the revolution, let us guide you with these top 10 tips for a plastic-free bathroom:

1. Ban those shampoo bottles!
Visualise. The image of plastic bottle apocalypse in the shower. Nobody needs that kind of negativity in their lives. Consider a swap from liquid shampoo and conditioner to solid bars instead!

Lamazuna do a mouth-watering handmade range for all your hair care needs, and they last up to twice as long as a bottle of shampoo. If buying local is important to your way of keeping your carbon footprint small, check out Airmid’s delicious range which is 100% grown and made in the west of Ireland. They also do a handy gift and travel packs, which come in recycled pulp boxes!

2. Soap on a rope!
The chances are you’ve got multiple liquid versions of a simple bar of soap lurking in your bathroom. There’s the handwash, the shower gel, the kids shower gel......Perhaps they can all join forces to become one, super-climate-friendly product, with no packaging waste!

Agnes & Cat’s delectable Coconut Butter range of soap-on-a-rope is a happy medium for the whole family when it comes to shower gel (hanging up your soap after use also minimises the amount lost to the ‘gunk puddle’ we all dread). For those who also like to exfoliate, Airmid’s Sweet Orange and Ylang Ylang contains dried herbs to provide pure eco-friendly indulgence.

And check out our Daisy Rainbow Duck Soaps, which are perfect for the kids’ bath time (at an unbeatable price).

3. Cotton pads, buds and disposable baby wipes are baaaad.......
The best available alternative to the cotton bud is one made from bamboo and organic cotton. Eco Living, Curanatura and Hydrophil have all produced versions which are fully organic and biodegradable. The bamboo baton and recyclable packaging eliminates the need for plastic, at least in this one corner of the bathroom cabinet!

Make-up remover pads are also easily substituted. For a long-lasting synthetic option, try Lamazuna’s pack of ten pads, which comes with one of their cute mesh laundry bags. These pads can be used up to 300 times each - a huge money saver!

If you want the more natural option, Petit Lulu’s range of reusable make-up remover pads are made mostly from cotton and bamboo, making them super-absorbent and easy to wash. Petit Lulu also do reusable baby wipes, which are available in three different fabric combos to best suit your baby’s needs!

4. Menstrual products have moved on!
For those who are ready for a whole new monthly routine, washable menstrual pads and/or menstrual cups are the way to go. Most of these products last for around 5-10 years and will save you a pile of money in the long run!

Pads are available in many fabrics (often cotton or bamboo), in countless patterns and just as many styles. A basic stash of about 10 pads should see you through almost any type of period you may have.

Menstrual cups are usually made from medical grade silicone and come in a variety of sizes and thicknesses. Yuuki cup comes in a choice of colours and rainbow patterns, has two size options and a choice of thicknesses, all for a really reasonable price. Ruby Cup is another popular brand, who claim their cup can last up to 10 years if washed regularly with Ruby Clean, an accessory for cleaning your cup in the microwave which comes in a selection of colours!

For those who aren’t ready for such a big change, Organ(y)c produce a range of reasonably-priced organic cotton pads and tampons, which are safer to use and totally biodegradable. Even their pouches are compostable!

5. Shaving, etc......
Even if you’ve given up disposable razors, the chances are you’re still using a razor which is comprised of plastic parts and accessories. Solution? Simple.

Safety razors are an environmentally efficient throwback to the days when the only part of your razor that you disposed of was a basic steel blade. Norse do a fantastic version with a comb head design which is made almost totally out of steel, chrome and bronze. Replacement blades cost around £20 for 200 so the savings are considerable. These are also suited to women’s shaving routines.

Also, for men who like to use beard products, try Norse’s beard oil which is 100% vegan and comes in a reusable pipette bottle.

6. Bath products, yay!
There’s no reason not to stop using plastic-packaged bath products like, immediately. Wild Olive, a UK handmade company, produce a luxurious range of Dead Sea Salts infused with essential oils which come with a reusable wooden scoop and a box (which can be re-used for wrapping gifts!). Likewise, Trevarno’s range is packaged in a pretty and reusable blue glass jar. Jones the Bones and Moa have gone a step further and added biodegradable packaging to their bath salt products.

If you need a little extra something for your bath stash, try a Daisy Rainbow Bath Bomb or a more indulgent Agnes & Cat bath fizzer – all handmade, vegan and totally plastic-free!

7. Oral care.....
NFco produce a range of toothbrushes which contain a corn-starch handle and nylon bristles (which are recyclable and should be snapped off before disposal). Jack N Jill provide a similar range in children’s oral care products (and their packaging is 100% biodegradable!)

If 100% nylon bristles aren’t for you, Truthbrush have made a good compromise with a range of bamboo-handled brushes with bristles that are 62% castor oil and only 38% nylon, meaning fewer harmful processes needed for production.

The ultimate plastic-free toothbrush, however, is the Curanatura ‘Whole’ Bamboo Brush – even its bristles are made from bamboo brush! Curanatura also do a charcoal infused head for a cleaner scrub.

More good news – you can now even ditch the toothpaste tube! All credit to Lamazuma, who have created a new solid toothpaste which is gentle enough for everyday use!

And for floss fans, we have Eco Living’s great value plant-based vegan alternative. Easy!

8. Beauty regime to beauty revolution!
Cleansing has never smelled better – Wild Olive’s range of coffee-based body scrubs are all natural and come in scents such as Salted Caramel Cappuccino and Berry Fruit Smoothie (the hard part is remembering it’s not food!)

Oils of Heaven Natural Tamanu Face Oil is an excellent follow-up and comes in a reusable pipette to minimise wastage.

The Airmid Beeswax Lotion Bar, which comes in a reusable tin, is a rich, natural moisturizer, whilst the decadent Lyonsleaf body butter is the kind of TLC you slather on.....

And for that monthly pampering sesh, Agnes & Cat’s range of DIY Clay Face Masks are a must have!

9. Deodorant.....
Whether you use aerosol cans or plastic roll-ons, moving away from single-use has never been more straightforward. Biork have produced a classic deodorant roll-on stick which comes in a cork holder, whilst Ben & Anna have created a shea butter and soda version which is vegan, packaged in a paper tube and comes either unscented or in a range of unique unisex scents.

For more hands-on alternatives with reusable packaging, try Pit Putty’s range of fruity scents, packaged in tins, or Irish-made Warrior Deodorant Cream, which is free of baking soda.

10. Zero Waste First Aid kit!
You’ve bought the bottle of tea tree essential oil. You’ve even been using it. But it’s not enough.

Probably one of the most commonly used items in the medicine cabinet is the plaster, but they’re not biodegradable. Until now. Patch have created a range of biodegradable bamboo plasters (they also have versions with aloe vera or coconut added) which come in recycled cardboard tubes.

And for a nappy rash solution in a reusable glass jar, try Lyonsleaf Calendula & Marshmallow Cream. Lyonsleaf also do a Marsmallow Facial Oil which is also great for use on chapped heels, hands and elbows.

So from up here in Plastic-Free Heaven, the view has never been better. Ditch those single use items and containers and live your best life!