Organic Sanitary Pads

organic sanitary pads

Organic Sanitary Pads - Biodegradable Plastic Free Pads

Organic sanitary pads are great for those that are not quite ready to switch to using reusable sanitary pads but still want to avoid plastic. They're not only perfect for women who are prone to irritation, but they're by far a safer and healthier alternative to the conventional synthetic sanitary pads. Most organic sanitary pads are made from natural materials, contain no perfumes and produced using sustainable process. They are biodegradable, including the corn starch packaging each one is wrapped in. It's extremely important that we start caring for our environment by reducing the use of plastics and switching to organic sanitary pads is a step in the right direction.

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Page 1 of 1:    3 Items

Some of you will prefer tampons or pads and we have you covered too. We have great unbleached, free from chemicals tampons by Natracare. we stock the tampons with the cardboard applicator and also the tampons without. When you are on your period, you need to have a tampon that is not going to irritate the natural environment of your vagina. Using a bleached tampon or one where there are chemicals added can cause vaginal itching, dryness and infections. It makes sense to choose organic cotton tampons to reduce the risk. You can be assured that Natracare tampons won't leave fibres in your cervix or vagina. Our Natracare disposable tampons and pads are a popular environmentally friendly choice for our Danuworld customers.