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Fluoride free toothpaste & bamboo toothbrushes

At Danu World, we know how important reducing waste is to you. We choose products that come with minimal, recyclable or biodegradable packaging. We know that you like to incorporate eco-living and as much of a waste-free lifestyle as possible into your home and why would that be any different when it comes to your oral hygiene routine.

Fluoride free toothpaste & bamboo toothbrush at Danu World

We have sourced an excellent range of dental health products for you and we have thoroughly tested them ourselves to be sure that you will be happy with them.
Dental Care is of the utmost importance, did you know that tooth decay was the biggest reason for hospital admission in the under 10's? This is entirely preventable just by utilizing a good dental hygiene routine at home.
It is important to care for your teeth, you only get one adult set to last you a lifetime. It is recommended that teeth are brushed twice a day to have healthy teeth and gums and to prevent gum disease.
There are now various kinds of toothpaste to suit everyone's needs.

Fluoride free toothpaste

Fluoride toothpaste has its place in prevention of tooth decay and is a staple in many households.
Fluoridated toothpaste is top of the list when it comes to preventing dental cavities. Fluoride is beneficial in our water supply too, it has been proven that where water fluoridation is available, there is a lesser incidence of tooth decay in the population.

Fluoridated water and sodium fluoride in toothpaste can have its drawbacks, however, too much fluoride can cause fluorosis in the tooth enamel which shows as white spots that cannot be removed.
Many people are concerned with ingesting sodium fluoride in their drinking water and prefer to use a fluoride free toothpaste to negate the risk of fluorosis.
There are alternatives available in the toothpaste market and natural ingredients such as tea tree oil, baking soda, bentonite clay, peppermint oil, essential oils, activated charcoal and coconut oil can be blended to make all-natural toothpaste to prevent tooth decay.

If you want a natural whitening toothpaste, you would look for ingredients such as sodium bicarbonate, this has an abrasive action and helps to remove surface staining, however, you would want to avoid this if you have sensitive teeth.

If you have bad breath, you might want a toothpaste flavoured with peppermint oil that contains tea tree to keep your breath fresh.
We are confident that we have brought a varied range of natural and fluoride free toothpaste for you.

Natural toothpaste - sls free

Sodium lauryl sulfate is a degreasing and cleaning agent. It is cheap and is put into many toothpaste brands as the foaming agent. It can cause irritation and upset to gums and can cause mouth ulcers. It is a chemical that doesn't need to be in a toothpaste and other foaming agents that are natural are preferable.

Bamboo toothbrush

We have thought about how to aid parents with the brushing of their children's teeth and soft toothbrushes along with naturally flavoured toothpaste are top of that list.
The bamboo toothbrushes for children in our Pearl Bar range have nice soft bristles, gentle for teeth and gums. Combine that with a natural SLS free toothpaste and your child will be happy to let you lead them in their dental care.

For adults, we have the same bamboo toothbrushes with soft bristles, medium or firm bristles. Whichever you choose is an entirely personal choice.
The bamboo handle is pleasant to hold, it's an eco-friendly toothbrush that is compostable and the natural bamboo toothbrush handle is resistant to bacterial growth.
Pearl Bar biodegradable toothbrushes have nylon bristles that are charcoal infused.

How often should you change your toothbrush?

This is a question that dentists hear regularly and the answer is every 3 months or sooner if the bristles start to splay. This is where a bamboo toothbrush is a must have. A family of 4 would use 16 toothbrushes a year between them and if you multiply that by all of the families living in the UK, imagine the number of plastic brushes that are being taken to the dumps.

Keep our landfills free from unnecessary waste by composting your toothbrush in your compost heap. Let your children use their handles for plant markers in the garden or for creative arts and craft projects.
We also stock NFco company toothbrushes. They have medium bristles which are nylon and BPA free. The handles are biodegradable and all packaging is biodegradable also.

We have chosen to stock Pearlbar charcoal infused floss picks. These handy dental flossing devices are the plastic-free alternative to other floss picks on the market. They are
100% Biodegradable and the proud winner of the Natural Beauty product award, by Natural and organic awards Europe 2017. Using dental floss couldn't be easier when you use one of these dental floss picks.
Non-recyclable plastic is easily replaced with eco-friendly products making it easier to start your journey to a less wasteful lifestyle.

The toothpaste by NFco are rich in xylitol, 25% richer than most brand pastes on the market and are suitable for the whole family.
We also stock Jack N Jill natural toothpaste for your children's teeth.