Natural Skincare

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Natural Skin Care

Come in and have a look at the array of natural skin care products we have chosen just for you!

We have selected the best skin care products with the most effective natural and organic ingredients to solve your skin care problems and to enhance your beauty regimes.

Natural skin care, organic cosmetics and organic moisturisers at Danu World

Organic skin care is huge right now and rightly so! The benefits of active natural ingredients have been proven over and over again.

Gone are the days when every beauty company loaded their skin care with chemicals and artificial perfumes. Putting them into plastic casings and excess packaging in order to sell us a dream that never came true.

We have found natural skin care beauty brands that pride themselves in their minimal recyclable packaging. They are conscious of their carbon footprint and many of their products are handmade.

They only use the purest of botanicals, essential oils and plant-based butter to give us natural beauty products. Skincare ranges that will bring huge benefits to your skin. At Danu World we offer you cruelty free skincare. Our SLS free products are vegan friendly. We love to see certified organic on labels and we know that you do too.

Natural skincare routine

We have gathered a collection of handmade organic cosmetics made in small batches. Often ancient recipes are used. The organic ingredients of the organic balm cleansers and facial washes are full of essential oils and packed with plant extracts and botanicals. They will balance your skin as they cleanse. When incorporated into your skincare routine, these natural products will leave you with healthy skin on face and body.

Choose from hydro floral waters for toning without stripping your skin and natural moisturisers full of organic oils and botanicals for all skin types. Our chosen face toners can be used to hydrate dry skin, regulate oily skin, help sensitive skin to feel more comfortable and reduce breakouts on acne-prone skin. Use prior to your face moisturizer or use as a stand-alone product.

We can help you to balance oil-prone skin or acne prone skin as well as rehydrate and comfort painfully dry and dehydrated skin. Danu World offers balms and oils to rehydrate and give you back that naturally fresh and youthful skin that you desire.

Organic moisturiser

There is a suitable facial moisturiser for all skin types and whether you prefer a cream or a gel formulation. To guarantee you the best results, we can help you choose the most suitable one for your skin type.

All skincare products were chosen for their benefits to you. Benefits from essential oils, organic shea butter, lavender for healing and soothing. Coconut oil and aloe vera for sensitive skin, green tea and argan oil, jojoba oils and the highly effective natural hyaluronic acid.

Powerful active ingredients for organic beauty products that deliver results. Antioxidants from plants to fight free radicals that attack your skin daily. The organic skin care recipes that have been used to make these all-natural skin care products have been tried and tested for hundreds of years. They are proven to be just what you need for healthy glowing skin.

A good natural moisturiser acts like nourishing superfood for your skin. The active natural ingredients ensure a healthy and fresh look. Your skin will feel smoother and look healthier!

Our natural skin care ranges are vegan and cruelty-free. They don’t contain sodium lauryl sulfate and no animal testing has been taking place. This is of the utmost importance to all of us at Danu World and we know it is to you too.

Organic cosmetics

Where preservatives are needed, only vegetable and plant-based preservatives have been added. All preservatives are free from synthetic ingredients and are natural and organic.

We have cosmetic products including mineral makeup, natural pigment eyeshadow and makeup products with organic certification. You must take a look and see our whole range of organic cosmetics.

Additionally, we also offer a wide range of shower gels and hair care products. To make natural body care easier than ever! Choose from 100% vegan shampoos in minimal recyclable packaging. Doing yourself and the planet a favour.

We hope we have catered for your every need but please feel free to contact us if there is something you think we have overlooked. We always want to hear from our customers and your feedback is crucial to us.

You can, of course, boost your results by choosing organic cosmetics and makeup and by eating more organic food for health from the inside out.

Now all that’s left to do is to step inside and build your wish list of natural organic skincare that really will deliver results.