Nappy Wet Bag

Nappy Bag - Wet-Bags for your Baby

A waterproof wet nappy bag is for nappy storage for your wet nappies once you have changed them. They are great for out and about or in the house instead of using nappy buckets. The nappy wet bags are one of the essential cloth nappy accessories we recommend. Some of the wet bags are wet dry bags which means they have two pockets, one for wet nappies, the other for clean nappies. Smaller wet bags can be used for baby wipes or even mama cloth.

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Bumgenius Mini Waterproof Wet Nappy Bag
Logan & Lenora Mini Nappy Waterproof Bag
Pink Daisy Mini Wet bag
Blueberry Waterproof Wet Bag
Petit Lulu Nappy Wet Bag
BumGenius Outing Nappy WetBag

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How to Use Wet Bags - Why use them instead of a bucket

When your baby has a dirty nappy, flush any solids down the toilet then place the wet nappy inside the reusable waterproof bag. Leave it there until you are washing them, then place the whole reusable waterproof bag, with the zip open, into the machine. It is important to open up the zip, they are waterproof so will not get washed otherwise! We prefer using wet bags to nappy buckets because the machine washes them, whereas with a nappy bucket you would need to clean it out at each wash. Also, the wet bags come in a wide choice of colours and prints, so are much prettier to look at! You can use a pail liner inside the bucket, but you might as well just use a reusable nappy bag!

Is a Waterproof Bag just for nappies?

NO! One of the beauties of waterproof nappy bags is that once you have finished using cloth nappies on your baba, they can be used for a variety of uses. The smaller bags are the perfect size for reusable menstrual pads, whilst the larger bags can be used as swimming bags or for swim nappies etc.

Nappy Accessory Kits - What type of waterproof bags we recommend.

We recommend having a medium size nappy bag for out and about. The regular size will take about 6 nappies. This is ideal for a day out or nursery. For storage of wet nappies instead of a nappy bucket we recommend the planetwise (planet wise) wet dry pail for one baba or hanging bag for two children. For quick trips, reusable wipes or for lady cloth we recommend the smaller bags. If you just want one, a one size regular bag would be the perfect option.

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