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Nappy Bag or Bucket: How to Store Cloth Nappies

A soiled cloth nappy is something that you may not want to mess up with. When youíre out and about and your cute little baby frequently empties her bladder, it could be difficult to store soiled if you donít have a wet bag with you.

A plastic bag may seem a convenient option but its environmental impacts, you may be having second thoughts about it. Also, plastic bags are thin and prone to tearing. They might not be ideal to contain the soiled and wet nappies.

Every mumís diapering system wouldnít be complete without nappy bags and nappy buckets. Nappy buckets and bags are great storage containers for your babyís soiled and wet nappies until wash day. While both serve the same purpose, there might be a slight difference on how you should use them.

Using a Nappy Bucket

As the name indicates a nappy bucket is a bucket with a lid. It can be placed with a pail liner that is usually made up of a mesh bag with a drawstring closure. A perfect example of a pail liner is the Planet Wise Nappy Pail Liner Woof. It is made up of high-quality antimicrobial polyurethane laminate (PUL) that prevents leaks and growth of fungi and molds.

Some nappy buckets have concealed hooks inside in order for the laundry bag or liner to fit in. The tight-fitting lid ensures that the smell is contained.

Usually, a nappy bucket can store soiled nappies for a full load of washing. This is very ideal in order to save water and cut back energy use. If you also happen to have two or more diapering babies, a large nappy bucket may come in handy.

It is highly recommended to prewash or presoak soiled nappies to remove any stains and dirt. Pre washing prevents the stains from setting in and from being hard to remove. You can then use the nappy bucket to soak these nappies.

Disadvantage of Using a Nappy Bucket

Although soaking nappies in a nappy bucket can help prepare the nappies for washing, some tough stains might be too hard to handle without stain removers and agents. Use caution when removing the lid of the bucket because cleaning agents such as vinegar and bleach produce a strong unpleasant smell. One trick that some mums do is adding essential oils like lavender to get rid of any stench.

Soaking cloth nappies in a nappy bucket may also be exhausting as you need to empty and change the water. The same bucket can also be susceptible to tipping over or a potential risk for when your child gets curious and sticks his/her head inside when itís full of water. If some of the mess can slide down the liner, you may need to wash the bucket often. Not a good idea if you have a handful of chores and babies to look after.

Lastly, an obvious disadvantage of nappy bucket is you canít bring it along with you when you go outside. Theyíre intended to be used inside the house.

Using a Nappy Bag

The most common cited advantage of nappy bags is that you can bring it with you when youíre out and about like going to the grocery store or strolling at the park. They are great for storing soiled and wet nappies. They are often foldable that you can easily toss inside your bag. Most nappy bags are waterproof with polyurethane laminate (PUL) lining and feature a zipper closure to prevent major leaks and any unpleasant odour from escaping.

Nappy bags are great when you do not have enough space inside your home for a nappy bucket. A nappy bag is useful to dry soiled nappies. You can store this bag together in the laundry basket or hang on the back of the door.

Disadvantage of Using a Nappy Bag

Even if nappy bags are made with PUL materials, one cannot soak an entire load of soiled nappies because they are not made for it. This means that you can only use them like you would in a dry pail method.

Unfortunately, the nappies can dry out and some tough stains can be already too stubborn to remove. Also, with the zipper closure, a potentially messy explosive and drippy nappy can be a bit obnoxious. Some zippers may get caught and others can even falter.

Lastly, no matter where you feel like storing soiled cloth nappies, it is best to pre wash them first prior to washing. This can help remove pee and poop stains.