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We all know we need to dramatically reduce plastic waste, and a menstrual cup is a really easy way to do this. Ditch those plastic tampon applicators, wrapped in more plastic and instead use a silicone menstrual cup. Not only will you save our planet, you will save money! Hassle Free & simply great!

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Yuuki Menstrual cup Soft small
Yuuki Menstrual cup Classic large
£14.00  (2)
Yuuki Menstrual cup Rainbow Line large
£21.00  (1)
Yuuki Menstrual cup Rainbow Jolly large
£21.00  (3)
Ruby Cup Clean
Ruby Cup Medium
Ruby Cup Small
Yuuki Menstrual cup Classic small
Yuuki Menstrual cup Rainbow Jolly small
Yuuki Menstrual cup Soft large
£14.00  (2)

Page 1 of 1:    11 Items

Menstrual Cup FAQ

These are the frequently asked questions on Menstrual cups and I hope our answers are of a help to you.

1. What is a menstrual cup? A menstrual cup is a reusable sanitary device to contain your menstrual fluid when you are having your period.

2. Does a cup hurt? Absolutely not, reusable cups are made of a soft medical-grade silicone that is soft and flexible. You choose the right menstrual cup to suit your vaginal canal. The average woman finds period cups to be very comfortable. When you have been used to a pad or tampon, switching to a menstrual cup will feel a little different however it shouldn't feel painful at all.

3. How can I choose the menstrual cup for me? There are many menstrual cup brands available and we can help you choose the one for you. We have the Yuuki cup and a rainbow yuuki cup! we also stock the ruby cup.

4. How do I insert a menstrual cup? You fold the cup either in two or four, its all in the instructions and very simple to do, then you insert into your vagina and the cup will open once inside and will expand to fit the vaginal walls. There is a small stem that can be trimmed for your own comfort. Some women will use a water-based lubricant for ease of use however that isn't the case for most women. The silicone is soft and flexible and menstrual cup reviews tell us that women find them easy to use once they have got the hang of folding the cup. The walls of the vagina will hold your cup in place securely, for removal, you release the suction on your cervix by squeezing the walls of the cup and use the stem to gently remove it.

5. Will they cope with a heavy flow? Yes, a reusable cup will cope with a heavy menstrual flow as you empty and reuse it as often as you choose to. Many women with a heavier flow will also choose to use cloth menstrual pads as a backup, this removes the worry of their menstrual cup leaking. For the majority of women, this isn't a problem. Menstrual cups hold a lot of menstrual blood and because it is sealed into your vaginal wall, you don't have the same risk of leaking as you perhaps might when wearing tampons.


Before removing your menstrual cup, ensure you break the suction first!

Mooncup, organicup, lena, lily, lunette, divacup are all different brands we have tried and tested but not selected as we feel our selection covers all base! No need to confuse! Relax, we have you covered!

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