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Natural Male Grooming Products

Men haven't been forgotten about here at Danu World. We know that you often have the same concerns about your grooming products and want them to be natural and organic, full of essential oils to treat your skin and you want grooming products for men that will prevent ingrown hairs and ease the razor burn that you can often get from traditional shaving. Sensitive skin is uncomfortable when subjected to the harsh regime of wet shaving daily. Electric shavers and beard trimmers, in particular, can leave skin feeling irritated and can cause ingrown hairs.There are many men's grooming products on the market to address these issues but they can often be full of harsh chemicals or parabens that can lead to even more skin upset.

We at Danu World have done the research for you and know that organic, plant-based natural shaving products will give you the best results and help to rebalance sensitive skin, dry itchy skin.

Beard Balm, Shaving Soap & Beard Oil at Danu World

The first step for those of you who shave is to get that routine simplified as much as possible and incorporate sensitive skin products for men. Start with a good shaving cream or shave soap and shaving brush. You can use hot water to steam your face slightly before starting. Many wet shavers feel that they get a closer shave by doing this.

Lather up a rich lather with our Airmid wet shaving kit. Patchouli, sweet orange and lavender essential oils are blended into a cocoa butter and organic avocado oil base. Bentonite clay is added for foaming and is a natural detoxifying product. This lather will smooth the way for your razor eliminating that burn and will soften the facial hair for a much closer shave. The natural bristles on the shaving brush will act as a face scrub removing dead skin cells and any excess sebum as it lathers the shaving cream for you. (The tin that the shave soap is in makes a good shaving bowl too!)

Shaving soaps often contain coconut oil, aloe vera, natural glycerin, rice bran oil and olive oil amongst their natural ingredients. These ingredients are chosen for their moisturising properties and soothing properties for sensitive skin.
Some of you like a shave oil and we have Bathing Beauty up close shaving oil. This is a double award-winning conditioning oil for shaving. Finish off with a good rinse and apply an aftershave balm or a good organic moisturiser. We have the PHB gentleman's moisturising cream that is packed full of essential oils, frankincense, grapefruit and myrrh to revitalise and smooth skin. PHB's Gentleman's Range was voted the BEST MALE GROOMING RANGE at the Natural Health International Beauty Awards 2016.

We recommend using a safety razor as an alternative to plastic handled razors.

Beard Care

For those of you who have facial hair and beards, you too need some skin care products to care for the skin under that facial hair. Beard grooming is popular and there are a lot of products on the market making it difficult to choose which you actually need. Face and beard wash, exfoliating beard wash, beard conditioner, leave in conditioner, beard growth oil, mustache wax, beard butter and you can even buy a beard comb!

You don't need all of these beard products of course and at Danu World we have simplified this list.

Beard balm vs oil. What is the difference in beard oil and balm? Beard oil might suit those of you with a shorter beard. Your beard growth might not need much taming and you want something simple to keep your skin conditioned. When you are growing a beard or a goatee, your skin can dry out and you need to avoid this.

We have several beard oils just for you. Smokey Jones, Trevarno, Up close and Skin and Tonic all have beard oils that are made from organic essential oils to care for your beard and leave it looking healthy and clean. Smokey Jones beard oil contains essential oils such as argan oil, organic jojoba, borage and sunflower. Argan oil is ultra hydrating. It is an essential oil that can hold many times its own weight in water. It hydrates skin and softens hair and is found in many grooming products. Jojoba can strengthen hair and is known for moisturising without leaving a residue behind. It works at the hair follicles to nourish and is known as the only oil to replicate closely our own natural sebum. Cedarwood provides the natural heady scent. This conditioning beard oil promotes healthy hair and beard growth. Trevarno also has a beard care oil. Natural ingredients and essential oils of almond, bergamot and jojoba all combine to make a light non-greasy beard and moustache oil. Super conditioning and soothing, the Trevarno oils will treat your beard hair like a leave-in conditioner and the ingredients will encourage beard hair growth.

Natural beard balm is more suited to a longer and perhaps more unruly beard. Balms and beard waxes will give a little bit more hold to keep those natural beards in place. Tame unruly hairs whilst treating your skin. You might opt for a natural beard balm if you find your beard needs smoothing down and taming yet you want to keep that natural look without resorting to cutting your prized hair into shape. Use sparingly and comb through with a beard brush or beard comb to spread the product and get your beard into shape. The Rugged Man beard and moustache wax will make sure that your beard and moustache are in tip-top condition.

We recommend a good moisturising face wash and we have brought Airmid natural organic soap bars. The Airmid handmade seaweed soap makes a great face wash and because it contains natural butter and oils mixed with seaweed, you will also benefit from a little face scrub as you use it. All of our Airmid soaps make a great face wash or shaving soap, especially when combined with the Airmid shaving brush. Tea tree, lavender and lemon essential oils are traditionally used to keep bacterial growth at bay and the lavender, tea tree and lemon soap bar is perfect to use as a shaving soap.

Say goodbye to your ingrown hairs, itchy sensitive skin and say hello to natural healthy facial hair! We are passionate about the brands that we bring to you and each brand must be cruelty-free, use ingredients that are certified organic or natural, be transparent in their labelling and have minimal or recyclable packaging.