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Lyonsleaf Skincare


Lyonsleaf Natural Skincare

We love the Lyonsleaf natural skincare range which is hand made in the UK. The best selling Lyonsleaf natural beauty balm is an amazing balm for all skins, it moisturisers and can also be used as a natural cleansing balm. The Lyonsleaf natural beauty balm is perfect for problem skin, irritated skin, sensitive skin or dry skin as it contains shea butter and high-quality essential oils perfectly formulated to rejuvenate naturally. It's a natural skincare solution which only contains plants grown on their organic farm.

Lyonsleaf products include fragrance free balms which are excellent for eczema psoriasis and dermatitis such Lyonsleaf calendula cream. All of the Lyonsleaf products are naturally cruelty free, using only natural active ingredients based on plant oils which are incredibly effective. Only a tiny amount is needed as they do not bulk out with water like other beauty products.

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Lyonsleaf Zinc and Calendula 120ml
Lyonsleaf Body Butter
Lyonsleaf Marshmallow Facial Oil UnScented
Lyonsleaf Face Saviour Gift Set
Lyonsleaf Beauty Balm
Lyonsleaf Mane Tamer
Lyonsleaf Calendula Cream
Lyonsleaf Zinc & Calendula Cream

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Lyonsleaf Balm Cleansing - Lyonsleaf is Amazing!

Lyonsleaf natural skincare solution uses the Lyonsleaf beauty balm oil and hot cloth cleansing as a makeup remover or just for revitalising organic beauty treatment. The Lyonsleaf natural oils and a face cloth for cleansing. This is a very effective cleansing routine as it does not strip the natural oils from your skin like many cleansers. The use of a reusable hot cloth, over single use cotton pads is also a great way to reduce waste. We recommend any of the make up rounds to combine with the Lyonsleaf balm.

Lyonsleaf Hair Care

The Lyonsleaf mane tamer is perfect for fizzy hair care, it will tame your mane! Lyonsleaf is all made in Somerset, England using home-grown ingredients and just smoothes and defrizzes wild manes! Lyonsleaf are passionate about producing natural beauty products which are incredibly effective, based on natural plant oils and, naturally Lyonsleaf are cruelty free.

Lyonsleaf Nappy Balm

The Lyonsleaf zinc and calendula cream makes an excellent baby and nappy cream. All Lyonsleaf products come in reusable glass jars and are plastic free.

Lyonsleaf Zero Waste

All Lyonsleaf natural beauty products come in glass jars in an effort to reduce waste. All the glass jars are reusable, so no single use plastic!

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