Eco Friendly Lunch Bag

Eco Friendly Lunch Bag

Sustainable Lunch Bags for an Eco friendly Lunch on the Go

Our wide selection of insulated lunch bags will ensure your food stays fresh and make your mealtimes better. These Eco Friendly bags feature an insulated compartment that's large enough for your food containers. The short carry handles make these bags easy to carry and transport. The handy inside pocket of these bags keeps a reusable drink bottle upright and stops it from squashing fruit or sandwiches. Combine with a couple of kid-friendly wraps, and you have everything you need for an eco-friendly lunch on the go. These Eco Friendly lunch bags are made from recycled materials and plastic-free, making them economical and environment-friendly.

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Flamingo Bay Insulated Lunch Cooler Bag
£3.95  (1)
Red Riding Hood Insulated Lunch Cooler Bag
Dolly Llama Insulated Lunch Cooler Bag
Keep Leaf Insulated Lunch Bag
Rusty The Fox Insulated Lunch Cooler Bag
Elvis Elephant Insulated Lunch Cooler Bag
Magical Unicorn Insulated Lunch Cooler Bag
£3.95  (1)
U Konserve Insulated Lunch Tote Navy
U-Konserve Insulated Lunch Tote Slate

Insulated Lunch Tote Slate

Zipper Lunch Bag - Camo
£25.96   £15.00

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Can you put a lunch bag or an insulated lunch bag in the fridge?

Yes you can put your lunch bag in the fridge. However, if it is an insulated lunch bag or a lunch cooler bag we recommend that you open up your lunch bag so that the cold air circulating in the fridge can keep the food chilled. If your lunch bag is shut, the cold air will not get into the lunch bag.

What makes a good lunch bag?

A good lunch bag is one that is either made from sustainable materials like organic cotton or recycled materials like recycled plastic bottles. Thankfully all the lunch bags we sell meet these criteria. You can relax when choosing your lunch bag, knowing that we have got the best selection of lunch bags in stock.
We also recommend that your lunch bag has a good closure, like a zip to keep the food chilled for longer. 2 If the lunch bag has a compartment or space for a freezer pack (bonus if it comes complete with a freezer pack). It can be better to have a compartment to hold these in your lunch bag, especially in children's lunch bags, in case they touch a frozen pack.

What does an insulated lunch bag do?

An insulated lunch bag provides an extra layer of insulation in the lunch bag to keep your food chilled for longer. Some insulated lunch bags also come with freezer packs, whilst other lunch bags have containers for freezer bags within them. This additional feature allows food to keep chilled for longer. The insulating layer on the lunch bag keeps the freezer bag frozen for longer, so keeps your food chilled for longer.

What should you look for in a lunch bag?

Well, a nice style that will suit you or your child. Why go for boring colours on your lunch bag when you have unicorns or rainbows on your lunch bag. Look for lunch bags with an insulated layer if you like chilled lunches. It is important to look at size as well and get one which will fit all your lunch in, but not be too big.

How to Keep your Lunch cool?

Lukewarm soggy salad anyone? No didn't think so, everyone prefers a nice crisp chilled salad. But how do achieve that when travelling or on the go. Simply, by using an insulated lunch bag with a freezer pack in it. This will keep your lunch cool for much longer. If it is a liquid lunch we recommend a stainless steel food flask to keep your lunch chilled, or even hot.  If your lunch bag is big enough it should be able to fit most food flasks within it.

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