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Little Lamb Nappies

Little Lamb Nappies

Little Lamb

Start reducing your carbon footprint and plastic wastes today with Little Lambs selection of reusable nappies, mattress protector, bamboo inserts and nappy liners. Little Lamb's reusable nappies are one of their most popular products. Our oceans and landfills are filled with trash made from plastic like disposable nappies. These plastic wastes will continue to exist for hundreds of years because they're synthetic and non-biodegradable. Compare that to reusable nappies that have little to no impact on the environment. You can put another baby into them or give them away. Make the smart choice and switch to Little Lambs nappies today.

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Little Lamb Deluxe Cloth Wipes Kit
£32.00   £29.00
Little Lamb Cloth Wipes Kit
£20.00   £18.50
Little Lamb Bamboo Breast Pads
Little Lamb Bamboo Boosters
£12.00  (1)
Little Lamb Cloth Baby Wipes
Little Lamb Bamboo Boosters Triple Thickness
£9.00  (1)
Little Lamb Fitted Bamboo Nappy
£9.00  (4)
Little Lamb Bamboo Inserts
Little Lamb Nappy Liners
£4.00  (2)

Page 1 of 1:    11 Items
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