salt lamps

Choosing the right lighting will illuminate your home and bring it to life. It’s the perfect way to create atmosphere, add style or make a bold décor statement. Refreshing the shade on a favourite table lamp base or installing a new custom lighting fixture can have a big impact on a room and with so many styles to choose from it's easy to find something to suit any taste.

The lighting we choose can even have an effect on our mood and sleep patterns, and many people suffer from seasonal affective disorder (SAD). Lighting can have a real impact on our health and well-being so it makes sense to consider your lighting design for each room in the house, and the health benefits a bit of low-level lighting in the evening might bring.
The light bulbs you choose also make a difference. This might seem an insignificant way to fight climate change. But thinking about the energy efficiency of our lighting solutions and switching old incandescent bulbs to energy efficient led bulbs is a simple and effective step that shouldn’t be overlooked. Apparently about 12 percent of the energy we use in our homes powers our lighting. From chandeliers, ceiling lights and pendants to desk lamps and floor lamps most people have a fair number of light fixtures in their homes. A good LED bulb uses 70-90 percent less energy than a standard bulb not only saving you money in the long run but also reducing greenhouse gas emissions and resulting in cleaner air.

We care passionately about protecting the environment. That's why our Himalayan rock salt lamps come with LED light bulbs. Reminiscent of the soothing and relaxing glow of a warm campfire, a hand carved fair trade natural salt lamp offers beautiful ambient lighting for any room in your home. Himalayan crystals emit a warm glow due to the natural mineral trace elements present in the pink salt. This makes them perfect as a nightlight, or to provide low-level lighting in the evening that will not disrupt sleep.

Made from Himalayan rock salt, or halite formed 250 million years ago in what is now the Punjab region of Pakistan. It’s the same as the pink salt you can use on your food. And it turns out you can make great tea light candle holders out of a salt block as well. All of ours are fair trade and ethically mined, and come with led lights inside.


Himalayan pink salt lamps are reputed to have many health benefits including acting as an air purifier, improving air quality and releasing negative ions into the air which counteract the effect of positive ions from electronic devices and can improve mood and protect against germs. People use a pink salt inhaler to help with allergies due to the air purifying effects of the salt crystals. And it’s often the same natural crystal salt that’s mixed with essential oils to make bath salt.

Salt is hygroscopic, so a salt lamp will attract water molecules from the air trapping dirt, pollen, smoke particles and other allergens which are carried in water vapour. And the amber light has been proven not to interrupt circadian rhythm so they are definitely good for evening use. Much better than using the dimmer switch to turn down a regular white light. However, it’s not clear whether or not they are powerful enough as an air ionizer to deliver the benefits from generating negative ions. For more benefits, you would require a regular bulb, as the led are super efficient and do not give out the lamp heats needed.

They come in a variety of sizes, and you choose by weight. The beautiful natural shapes and wooden base making them wonderful accessories even when not lit, just hide the power cord and they could easily be a sculpture. The obelisk makes a particularly striking accent for dining room or living room. While the salt bowl with salt chips make the perfect tabletop.

Fairtrade lamp shades

We also stock a selection of fair trade lamp shades sustainably crafted in Nepal from handmade Nepalese Lokta paper. A classic drum lamp shade shape they are designed to be used for a pendant lamp. These are rustic lamp shades and come in six colours to suit your room or mood.

Lokta paper is a traditional paper, made from the fibrous bark of the Lokta bushes. Naturally durable it’s resistant to tears, and humidity making it an ethical and responsible indoor lighting choice. The authentic texture of the paper, similar to crumpled linen fabric, combined with the small holes mean this handmade drum shade produces a beautiful soft glow and constellation type effect. Not quite the northern lights but very pretty nonetheless.