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Klean Kanteen Kid Kanteen Sippy Beach Bum

Kids Water bottles

kids water bottles

Ecofriendly and Reusable Kids Water Bottles

Keep your toddlers hydrated with our reusable kids water bottles. These water bottles are available in different sizes and a wide range of colours and image patterns that will entice your kids to use them.

Made from BPA-free polypropylene, making these stainless steel bottles safe for use for kids and adults alike. Their lightweight construction makes them small and easy to bring anywhere, and the spillproof caps reduce mess and prevent water spillage. Also, they're easy to clean and are dishwasher safe.

Proper hydration is essential, and with our kids water bottles, you can keep your kids safe and hydrated.

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Klean Kanteen Kid Kanteen Sippy Beach Bum

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We have a great range of children's water bottles and baby bottles that are safe, easy to use and toxin free. Childrens water bottles are vital if you want to keep your child hydrated and kids water bottles are a great way to reduce your plastic consumption

We have a fabulous range of bpa free children's water bottles for kids, which are strong, durable and designed to grow with your child. The Kid Kanteen range of stainless steel bottles are perfect for any age and we love the fact that you can simply change the lid as your child grows up rather than replacing the whole bottle. Plus the cute designs are sure to make kids want to stay hydrated! The Rex London collapsible children's water bottles are perfect for lunch boxes and days out as they are super lightweight and take up no space at all when empty.  

Kids Water Bottles

Find the perfect kids water bottle and help your little one stay hydrated wherever they are and whatever they do. Our range of kids water bottle include KIean Kanteen from the United Sates, and also Que kids water bottle range, which are made from silicon so can take a drop on the floor without being damaged.

We have a great range of drink bottles that are perfect for every stage of development from babies and toddlers to school kids. From the virtually indestructible Klean Kanteen kids water bottles, to collapsible drinks bottles that are space saving and ultra light.

Shop the Best Kids Water Bottles from Trusted Ethical Suppliers

We've scoured the market to find the best kids water bottles for kids that tick as many of the boxes as possible. We want them to be safe and easy for kids to use, able to take a few knocks, easy to clean, and have great eco-credentials (as there's no point in replacing a disposable bottle with something that's not actually better for the planet). Plus of course if you want your child to stay hydrated then it helps if they like the bottle and think it's fun.

A kids water bottle should be:

Practical & Easy to Clean:

Practicality has to be top of the list when it comes to children. Kids water bottles need to be easy to open and drink from and the right size for children. It's also vital that children's bottles are easy to clean.

When it comes to practicality we love all our kids drinks bottles for different reasons. Klean Kanteen's Kid Kanteen range includes single wall and insulated stainless steel bottles that are the perfect size for little ones.

Lid options include the sippy cap (suitable from 6 months), a sports cap (suitable from 3 years) or a twist top that will guarantee against leaks. All the lids can go in the dishwasher for easy cleaning and the bottles are made from stainless steel, a great drink bottle material for kids which is strong, durable and easy to clean. You can use the bottles for everything from water and juice to milk and hot chocolate, and their insulated drinks bottles will keep drinks ice cold for 48 hours. Perfect for hot sunny days at the beach. 

And for thirsty children or fewer refills the 500ml bottle is also a great size for kids. The same lids fit all the standard Klean Kanteen's making these a practical choice for all the family to share.

The Que Collapsible bottles are trickier to drink out of as they have a twist top rather than a sippy or sports cap,  but are perfect when you need a lightweight compact bottle and are great for older kids. These bottles are super practical for hiking or camping trips, easy to clean, more than able to withstand a few bumps in the playground.

Finally the Rex foldable bottle is a great option for lunch boxes or picnics. Made from bpa free plastic they are probably not as durable as the other options but they are easy to clean with warm soapy water, fold up to almost nothing when empty and the pretty designs make them great fun. Especially good if you're trying to avoid constantly buying cartons or squeezy bottles of juice style drinks. 

Safe & BPA Free:

Safety should always come first where children are concerned which is why we're ensured that all our water bottles are bpa free. Klean Kanteen's chip resistant powder coating has been specially formulated to be kind to people and the planet, and the inside of the bottles are polished with rounded corners for easier cleaning. 

Que bottles are make from food grade silicone and are dishwasher friendly making them practical as well as safe.

Leak Proof:

Leak proof bottles are vital if you want them in your handbag or a school bag alongside books and sports kit.  Although the sippy and sports cap don't claim to be 100% leak proof they pass the shake test so we think they are pretty good. Alternatively the loop cap is perfect for times when your child's water bottle is likely to be upside down.


Both silicone and stainless kids water bottles are durable,  built to last, and fully recyclable.


And of course kids water bottles should be fun. We love the funky animal designs of the foldable kids water bottles and the great designs and colours you can get from Que and Klean Kanteen. Having a funky water bottle is a great way to get kids excited to take their drink with them rather than wanting drinks in plastic bottles while they're out.

Toddler Water Bottle

If you are looking for a specific toddler water bottle we love the Klean Kanteen with their new and improved sippy cap. It comes with a handy loop for easy carrying or clipping to a buggy, a removable valve for easy cleaning and it's spill proof. Suitable from 6 months this makes a perfect first bottle lid for little ones. And the great thing about Klean Kanteen is that you can simply buy a different lid when they get bigger rather than replacing the whole bottle. We also love that you can pop the sippy lid on your own water bottle when little one needs a drink, meaning less stuff to carry if you're trying to travel light.

Water Bottle for Babies

If you want a water bottle for babies then Klean Kanteen have a stainless steel bottle with a silicone nipple.