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Keep Leaf is a range of organic cotton reusable lunch bags and food storage bags. They are fair trade sustainable reusable products which help us all on our plastic-free journey. Keep Leaf products will help you move to a greener lifestyle using less plastic, whilst at the same time making sure going being sustainable is stylish, modern and easy. The reusable food storage range includes insulated lunch bags, reusable sandwich baggies and food wraps. The food bags, or large baggies, can be used for anything from sandwiches to chocolate or fruit etc. Moving to insulated water bottles and recycled green lunch bags are easy steps to zero waste living and this high quality stylish collection helps us make those steps. We all need to make reductions in our plastic usage and these organic cotton bags is a natural easy step from single-use plastic cling film for lunch. Shop the complete collection today

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Keep Leaf Insulated Lunch Bag
Keep Leaf Toiletry Bag - Hearts
Keep Leaf Make Up Bag - Mesh
Keep Leaf Food Wrap
Keep Leaf Large Baggie - Hearts
Keep Leaf Large Baggie - Mesh

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Ditch Plastic Clingfilm and Get some Reusable Keep Bags Today

If you are fed up with bins overflowing with plastic waste, then take one of the easiest steps you can to plastic free living with these organic cotton food storage bags. These Reusable cotton bags or baggies for lunchtime or snacks, for yourself and children, will have a hugely beneficial effect in reducing cling film plastic usage. The organic lunch bags are lead, phthalate and BPA free and will keep your food fresher for longer whilst the organic cotton insulated lunch bags will keep your food chilled. Keep Leaf also do a make up bags range and baby bibs accessories range, and many more reusable products. For the Keep Leaf food wrap, just envelope it around the food and seal shut, this allows it to work over odd shaped food items for perfect food storage, but the baggies are perfect sandwich size. These storage bags and sandwich bags made perfect gifts for people wishing to live a more eco life.


To take care of your  products just wipe clean each day with a regular wash weekly. If your keep leaf bag just have crumbs etc in it, just a quick wipe will do the job and have your keep leaf ready to roll again!

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