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Jewellery stand Tree of Life
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Necklace, tassels pink blue green
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Shared Earth Crayon Earings with Silver Links
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Crayon bracelet
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Jewellery tree rose and birds
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Cow Bone Earrings
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crayon necklace
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Jewellery stand Tree with bird
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Shared Earth Mango Lotus Dressing Table
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We recognise that fair trade doesn’t begin and end with coffee and fair trade cocoa. You might remember where you bought it, but do you know where and how your go-to statement necklace was made? The fair trade movement covers the whole supply chain ensuring business ethics are maintained, no child labour is used and cooperatives are supported to benefit whole communities.

In our mission to encourage consumerism with a conscience, we are dedicated to providing ethical luxury as well as everyday essentials. Add the perfect finishing touch to your outfit with high quality, unique, ethical jewellery. A great way to reduce your environmental impact and look fabulous at the same time.

We’ve compiled a great selection of fair trade handcrafted jewellery including bracelets, bangles and handmade necklaces. The artisans who make the pieces have been paid a fair price for their work and in many cases recycled or reclaimed materials have been used. Plus we have recycled jewellery stands and a good old-fashioned jewellery box so you don’t have to worry about tangled chains.

Ethical Handmade Jewellery

Add a touch of glamour or fun with our selection of unique handmade jewellery.

Try the bohemian flirty tassel pendant necklace to make an ethical statement. Plus, the jewellers have been fairly paid and you are not supporting a questionable jewellery company or the disposable fashion industry. Or how about the beaded necklace, combining ocean-inspired blue and green glass beads with gold coloured balls, perfect to add glamour and colour.

Cute and contemporary, the recycled crayon bracelet and necklace are fun costume jewellery produced from factory rejects that would otherwise have ended up in landfill. A great alternative to coloured plastic beads and a lovely gift for children as well as adults. And if you like to accessorise your wrists, the multicoloured brass bangles are an on-trend way to add colour and style.

How to buy ethical jewellery

The jewellery industry is not renowned for it’s ethical or environmental credentials especially when it comes to the mining of precious metals, diamonds and gemstones. Miners in developing countries often suffer terrible working conditions and are paid a pittance for dangerous work producing high-value products. The Fairtrade foundation bought in the Fairtrade gold mark in 2011 and the Fairtrade silver mark in 2013 meaning you can now buy Fairtrade certified silver and gold jewellery.

There are also other fair trade organisations such as the British Association of Fair Trade Shops (BAFTS) that are committed to trading fairly and set their own guidelines. And the Kimberly process has done a lot to reduce the flow of diamonds from conflict countries although this doesn’t provide any guarantee of the working or social conditions of workers. Although as yet you can’t buy Fairtrade diamonds.

Top tips for buying ethically 

  • Buy second hand or vintage. The most ethical jewellery you can buy, like with so many other things, is pre-loved. You can find some amazing costume pieces in vintage and charity shops but you can equally find second-hand engagement rings at a fraction of the price of a new diamond.
  • Buy jewellery made from recycled materials. Think metal, glass, paper or sustainable materials such as wood. You could even work with a jeweller to create a unique bespoke piece from a family heirloom. Using fairtrade gold for any new settings of course.
  • Choose fair trade jewellery produced by companies with strong environmental policies and fair working conditions.