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How to Use a Bath Bomb

A bath with a bath bomb is like a party. All the colors swirling in after effervescing. All the fizz and the fragrance slowly mixing into the water. You donít and canít just stare at the tub. Itís mesmerizing, inviting and itís calling for you.


Bath bombs even contain surprises such as dried petals and glitters. These two make it dreamy and indulging so take a plunge! Soak into the skin-loving ingredients and experience aromatherapy that will free your mind and spirit from the dayís exhaustion and stress. Your skin will become moisturized and depending on the ingredients involved, some have healing properties too.

But how do you use a bath bomb?

Bath bombs are so easy to make that you can actually craft one in the comfort of your own home. They can be molded and shaped differently. The most common is spherical in shape.

In just two easy steps, you can easily enjoy and obtain the benefits of bath bombs. First is to fill the tub with warm water. Second, drop the bath bomb and wait for the explosion of scents and colours.

Into Halves

Bath bombs come in different sizes and shapes. Most of them are bigger in size and with the spherical shape as the most common one. They are also a bit pricey because of the ingredients added such as essential oils.

Actually, you can divide the bath bomb into two. The spherical ones are the easiest to cut as they have a crease in the middle. Any type of bath bomb can be divided into two without having to worry about crumbling. But even if these crumble, you can press them altogether and mold them again.

Donít Forget The Expiration Date

Bath bombs fizz less if used past their expiration date. Even the weak acid can lose its potency. The ideal shelf life of a bath bomb is 6 months. However, this entirely depends on the manufacturer as well because some can be stored for up to 14 months.

Itís highly recommended to use your bath bombs within their shelf life to get the most out of them. They can accumulate moisture which could result to crumbling and cracking. You must store bath bombs in an airtight container. Also, do not buy bath bombs more than what you will use.

Avoid the Allergens

Bath bombs are not recommended for people with sensitive skin. They contain additives such as glitter that causes skin irritations. Dyes, fragrances, glitters, preservatives and some natural ingredients such as shea butter and witch hazel can also cause itchiness, redness and scaling. Listen to your body and if possible, do a patch test first.

Donít Over Indulge

Bath bombs are truly dreamy and relaxing. However, you shouldnít over indulge as they can cause irritation especially for people with sensitive skin. The longer you soak into the chemicals, the more chance that you will develop an allergy.

The ideal time to soak into a bath bomb is up to 15 minutes only. This is just until your toes and fingers start to prune up.

Donít Forget To Wash and Clean

After using bath bombs, it is necessary to wash. It is because the additives such glitters can adhere and cling to your skin which can then result in skin irritation. You should also be mindful about these glitters as they are usually made from microplastics. Microplastics add up to pollution which make them less beneficial to the environment.

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