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How Much Should I Spend on Teacher Gifts

Itís a great gesture to give your childís teacher a small token of appreciation every once in a while or during special occasions. These gifts could be anything from unique to DIY to personalized ones. However, you might be wondering how much you should be spending on a teacherís gift or should you be giving one at all.

teacher gifts

Teacher Gifts

Showing gratitude and appreciation to your childís teacher shouldnít be a competition between you and other parents. There were some cases where parents would spend and hand teacher gifts that are way overboard, costly and even lavish. The amount spent on gifts for Christmas even doubles as the end of the school year comes to an end. Itís ridiculous and unnecessary. This gesture can build extra pressure on some parents who cannot afford to buy expensive and grandiose teacher gifts.

As a matter of fact, teacher gifts should never be compulsory, luxurious or bought out of great pressure. Rather, teacher appreciation gifts should showcase thoughtfulness, gratitude and genuinity.

Some teachers receive duplicate teacher gifts such as mugs, chocolates and teddy bears and most of these are unwanted gifts because they do not mesh with the teacherís lifestyle. Moreso, if a teacher has 30 students and each parent spends an average of £8, that teacher may have received £240 worth of gifts. Thatís a lot!

However, these could be managed by all of the parents. They can reduce the expenditure by coordinating with each one and buy something that could be very useful such as classroom supplies. Or a basket filled with goodies as teacher gifts. Either way, this can prevent other students from feeling left out and can efficiently cut the share per student.

Gifts are optional

Generally, teachers do not encourage their students and parents to give them presents. For most teachers, being involved in a childrenís development and shaping their character is a reward in and of itself. Itís something money cannot compensate for. Apart from that, most schools have a no-gift policy. This is a great idea as it can prevent palm-greasing or resentments. It could even be a ground for favoritism in which could fuel and stir up competition and hatred among students.

But, your childís mentor can still receive a token of appreciation without breaking the bank or costing any amount at all. These tokens or gift ideas can be a thank you card, a unique drawing or a heartfelt letter. Nevertheless, even a verbal thank you can be enough. It would definitely mean a lot to the teacher that her labor and hard work is deeply appreciated. Itís something that no amount of luxurious and material things can remunerate.

Teachers are like second parents to children. They would always want the best for their students. So instead of receiving a hefty cost on unwanted teacher gifts for themselves alone, they would want these money to be spent on a larger scale that the entire school can benefit from and a vast majority of the students can use.

Examples are sports equipment for the gym or books for the library to make learning become more conducive. It can also be spent on an outreach program where children can donate the money to a community or an orphanage.

On the other hand, tokens and gifts for teachers are not deemed necessary at all. As a parent, it should never be an obligation. Letís be realistic here. Theyíre quite expensive and costs could add quickly add up especially if you have more than one child and a yearly appreciation gift could be troublesome and impractical. Itís super okay not to give a gift at all! Who knows, it can break the culture of gift-giving and expensive tradition.

Ultimately, itís entirely up to you, as a parent, whether you want to give your childís teacher a gift or not. If youíre in a financial situation where you can afford even a simple thank you gift, go for it. Otherwise, a thank you card would be more than enough to show how much you appreciate the teacherís effort of shaping your childís development.

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