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How Long Do Beverages Stay Hot in a Travel Mug?

Portable coffee mugs are eco-friendly alternatives to disposable cups. The staggering amount of pollution caused by disposables will make you think twice of purchasing another one today. But a steaming hot takeaway coffee is so hard to resist.

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Fortunately, there's a travel mug. Instead of splurging a hefty amount on takeaway coffee everyday, you can bring your very own reusable travel mug. This simple habit could transform in an eco-friendly manner the way people love coffee.

Most local coffee shops nowadays offer discounts to coffee enthusiasts who will bring their very own cup. This is a good way to incentivise patrons and encourage them to invest in gorgeous travel mugs. Even a little savings can grow over time.

Travel mugs can differ in sizes, shapes and designs. These are factors you need to consider before buying your very own travel mug. Another thing that needs to be considered is how well can the travel mug retain the temperature of your favourite beverage.

Glass, which is a recyclable material, can be used as a travel mug. These glass mugs can then be reinforced with a sustainable material, silicone for the sleeves and lids. These accessories enable users to handle the mug with ease especially if the drink is hot.

However, glass travel mugs can only keep the contents hot for an hour or so. This can still land you in the trouble of reheating the coffee. Nevertheless, they still make an ideal and environment-friendly way of drinking coffee.

On the other hand, stainless steel with insulation makes the best material for travel mugs. It has the capacity to keep the contents hot or cold for hours. The double-walled vacuum insulation consists of two layers of metal joined at the neck. The gap between these layers denies air to circulate and transfer to the surrounding cooler air. It prevents condensation or convection.

Take a look at Chilly’s Bottles Coffee Cup. It has a double-wall vacuum insulation that is designed to keep the beverage hot for 6 hours and cold for 12 hours. It also has an easy sip push fit takeaway-style lid. Not mentioning that it comes in gorgeous designs such as the tropical flamingo for a stylish on the go travel mug.

Another outstanding brand that provides excellent thermal retention is Klean Kanteen, which is a family-owned company established in 2004. What we love about their products is their vacuum insulated tumbler. It keeps the drinks hot for 4 hours and iced for 20 hours. That’s incredible! The Klean Kanteen Wide Vacuum Insulated Travel Mug is an exceptionally badass in keeping the contents hot for 10 long hours. Wow!

The type of lid can also affect the thermal retention properties. Most travel mugs have unique lids that encapsulate the entire mouth. It works as a tight seal that prevents leakage and spills (that’s another notable factor to consider when choosing the right travel mug). So it also doesn’t allow air to escape.

However, most travel mugs that have higher and excellent thermal retention qualities can be pretty high-priced. Nevertheless, for the longer period time that these travel mugs can be used, they can already compensate for their initial cost.

Cheaper alternatives will only let your drink retain its temperature for an hour or less. These can leach chemicals to your drink which will affect the taste of the drink and will pose a threat to your health. Furthermore, powerfully built travel mugs have the excellent thermal retention qualities that can save you from reheating or throwing those gone-cold coffee down the sink. It lets you savor every bit up to the last drop. They’re even free from chemicals and plastics.

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