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How Does a Menstrual Cup Work

Menstrual cup is an eco-friendly solution and alternative to disposable sanitary pads and tampons. Women will take delight in this wonderful feminine hygiene device.


There are so many reasons to love menstrual cups. They are reusable, cost-efficient and hygienic. Before a woman’s period starts, this device is inserted into the vagina. It’s goal? To catch and collect blood and fluid.

These menstrual cups are shaped like a bell and have a stem. These features are usually made from rubber or medical-grade silicone. The former is responsible for catching the fluid whilst the latter is responsible for insertion and removal.

Menstrual cups vary in sizes which make them come in different capacities as well. Some have embedded rings on the stem which make it easier for women to pull it out and insert.

Works Like A Cup

Menstrual cups are designed to work like a cup. Instead of absorbing menstrual fluids, they catch, collect and store.

Instead of disposing like what you’d normally do with tampons and pads, these cups are cleaned and reused. These are a few of what they can offer that set them apart from tampons and pads.

Since these cups come in different sizes, you need to test and try which one best suits you. They can also come in different colors with pink and purple as the common or colorless.

The proper way to use a menstrual cup is to pinch and fold it first before inserting into the vagina. Once inside, it will spring on its own easily. Always remember to keep it low, lower than a tampon.

You can however reach inside to check if it is already open or pull the stem to position it properly. The stem shouldn’t protrude from the vaginal canal and if this happens, you can trim the stem.

The bell-shaped cup will prevent leaking by sealing against the vaginal wall just below the cervix. If properly inserted, you will never feel anything as it is light and comfortable. Moreso, leaking is less likely to happen if inserted properly.

Water-based lubricants are necessary for insertion. But, wetting the cup first is ideal and inserting it while in the shower can be pretty convenient. There are also different types of techniques on how to insert menstrual cups.

Once inside, the blood will flow and the cup will collect it. If the cup is full, you will need to use the stem to remove it. Empty the contents, wash with soap and water and reinsert it or you can use a new set of menstrual cup.

At the end of your menstrual cycle, you should sterilize the cup in boiling water. We like the Ruby Cup as they have a separate clean cup in which you can place your menstrual cup and sterilize it.

Cup Durability

Tampons and pads need to be changed every few hours or depending on your menstrual flow. Unlike tampons and pads, reusable menstrual cups can be left inside the vagina for 12 hours.

They are also ideal and safe to be used overnight. A large menstrual cup can hold about 3 times as much liquid as a tampon. Generally, it is more cost-efficient than using a regular tampon.

Menstrual cups can last for five years depending on maintenance and care. Staining is natural but if there is extreme discoloration or if you have experienced irritation such as the overgrowth of yeast, dispose of it and buy a new one.

Keep Your Menstrual Cup Clean

Prior to inserting your menstrual cup, wash your hands first. Newly bought cups can also be boiled for 5 to 10 minutes before using.

Once the cup is full and removed, clean it with mild soap. You can also use unscented soaps or oil-free soaps. Bleach is not recommended to use as it can destroy the cup.

In areas such as a public restroom, washing menstrual cups is ideally unhygienic as the faucets can be contaminated. If needed, you can wipe the cup with a tissue and clean it at home.

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