Hot Chocolate

Luxury Drinking Chocolate

Who doesn’t love a cup of hot cocoa? Children go crazy for a luxury hot chocolate topped with whipped cream and marshmallows, a simple hot chocolate mix makes a warming bedtime beverage, and with flavours like salted caramel, infused with sea salt, and white hot chocolate, even tea and coffee drinkers might find it hard not to be tempted.

A basic hot chocolate recipe simply requires cocoa powder (from the finest cocoa beans of course), sugar and milk. Make a more gourmet hot chocolate by melting in white chocolate, milk chocolate or dark chocolate chips. Willies Cacao chefs drops or chocolate drops are perfect.

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Page 1 of 1:    8 Items

Fairtrade Coffee

If you’re after steaming cup of Fairtrade coffee, sourced from farmers who grow the finest coffee beans, and blended by artisan coffee roasters who know their stuff then we have just the thing! We have ensured that all the coffee we sell is at least meeting the Fairtrade certification criteria. And just as importantly, taste amazing.

Coffee is a commodity, and in order to keep the price of coffee low the international coffee industry and large coffee companies have been guilty of some questionable ethics right through the supply chain.

All of our suppliers are ethical coffee companies (ECC), but they all do so much more than merely meet the minimum standards. The fair trade label means coffee growers and farmers will receive a Fairtrade minimum price for their coffee. On top of this, the fair trade premium which is paid allows farmers in developing countries to plan, form cooperatives, improve farming practices, and invest in their community. Fair trade organizations also ensure against child labour in coffee production and that the production is sustainable. As climate change takes an ever increasing toll on our world, it is vital that the coffee market moves towards a more sustainable, fair model. As our suppliers are all artisan coffee producers, they work with small-scale coffee farmers and their quality and taste shine through.

So although speciality coffee prices might include a premium we think supporting fair trade coffee production is worth it. If you are looking for artisan coffee to make your morning espresso barista quality without having to visit the coffee shop we hope you find your perfect blend here. And we also have a great selection of stylish Joco barista approved reusable coffee cups and insulted cups so you can enjoy good coffee on the go as well.

We don’t provide Nespresso machines nor anything compatible with Nespresso as we feel that the coffee capsules are such a major waste problem, even biodegradable coffee capsules have waste issues, and as a zero waste company, these are against our beliefs.


We also stock some lovely hot chocolate gift sets if you are looking to give someone the gift of a cosy night in. The Whittard set comes with a ceramic mug, two of our favourite hot chocolate flavours: Luxury White and Rocky Road (120g tub of each) and, a sprinkling of sweet little marshmallows.

Choose a delicious hot chocolate from many of our small chocolate artisan producers. We have ensured that all of the brands of hot chocolate we sell meet our high ethical criteria and taste delicious.

So get the kettle on and discover our range of fair trade certified teas and coffee now, and make your morning cuppa, hard-earned tea break or catch up with friends more ethical and tastier!


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