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Danu World has an extensive range of all-natural products in our Organic Health and Beauty Category.

We asked what you wanted and we've listened when you've told us what is important to you! You wanted health and beauty products which are effective with all-natural ingredients. You asked for cruelty-free and vegan skincare, packed with essential oils and rich in plant active natural ingredients.

You've told us about your beauty concerns and that you want help to select the best organic skincare and makeup made with organic ingredients. Finally, you have asked for natural cosmetics that will give you a flawless finish. Products that will treat your skin and enhance it. You've asked us for natural beauty products that are effective and eco-friendly alternatives for all skin types!

We listened and selected the best organic and natural beauty products using your wish list and researching current beauty industry trends for organic makeup and beauty products.

Natural health & beauty products, natural shampoo and natural makeup at Danu World

We have made the choices so you don’t have to. We have chosen carefully to ensure we bring you the best natural health and beauty range. At Danu World you will only find organic products with all-natural ingredients.

Natural health & beauty products at Danu World

It is important to us that our natural and vegan skincare also features the leaping bunny logo to ensure they are 100% cruelty-free!

Our natural health and beauty range offers you the most ethical and natural beauty brands. Ensuring you receive serious, highly effective and organic body care!

Our warehouse shelves are packed with

  • Natural and organic beauty products that work.
  • Cruelty-free vegan cosmetics.
  • SLS free shampoos, conditioners and hair care products.
  • Make up free from parabens.
  • Certified organic skin care and face creams.
  • Natural soaps.
  • Natural fake tan.
  • Aluminium free deodorant.
  • Natural hair removal products.
  • Reusable sanitary products.
  • Natural SLS free toothpaste.
  • Eco-friendly toothbrushes.

We have brought in a vast selection of organic products ranging from effective treatments for a problematic skin to super glossy nail polishes that are free from toluene, formaldehyde free and kind to your nails. We have fresh natural skin care that will rebalance oily skin as well as simple skin care systems for your family to use. Balms and serums for severely dehydrated skin. Natural anti fungal and anti bacterial remedies for acne prone or teenage skin and organic skin care products for use on children and even newborn babies.

Natural Shampoo

We heard your concerns and carefully selected the best natural hair care products. We stock natural shampoo including anti-dandruff shampoos and shampoos without SLS. You will even find all-natural dry shampoo for those days when you need a little help and you don't have time for a full wash and blow.

Many of you have asked for shampoo bars. Products to suit itchy scalp and won't leave you with dry hair. Our range includes volumizing shampoo and sodium laureth sulfate free shampoo. Shampoo and conditioner for sensitive skin, sensitive hair an scalp. We even have dog shampoo which will help you wash your pooch whilst keeping the natural oils in their coat.

Synthetic chemicals and parabens have no place in our natural beauty range. We have been very careful when choosing our organic health and beauty products to ensure that they are free from harsh chemicals. Instead they are packed with fair trade shea butter, argan oil, evening primrose oil, jojoba oil, aloe vera, tea tree oil, fractionated coconut oil. All certified organic ingredients and even green tea!

Natural Deodorant

We are very proud of our organic aluminium free deodorant range from Warrior Botanicals, made in small batches right here in Ireland. The natural products are lovingly handmade with shea butter, coconut oil, essential oils and plant extracts. Warrior Botanicals make excellent natural and organic personal care and body products.

Your bath and body care needs are also taken care of. We have all natural soaps, bath salts and melts that don't just increase your health and well-being but are also kind to your skin and make beautiful and thoughtful gifts.

Natural Makeup

For all of you lipstick queens out there, there is a superb range of lipsticks, glosses, tints, and stains in our PHB Cosmetics range.

All natural and vegan make up. Mineral powder foundations and the ever popular BB cream in a range of shades from the lightest of skin tones right through to the rich deep tones.

Natural Perfume

Is perfume your thing? Don't you love a perfume made entirely from essential oils and certified organic ingredients? A scent that doesn't smell like every other perfume on the market. We have Pacifica as well as Walden Eau de Parfum in stock. If you can't decide which you would like, there is a set of 5 in a gift box which would be perfect for mixing and making your own personal fragrance.

Natural Male Grooming Products

Maybe the man in your life is using your body products and you want to treat him to his own. We offer mud masks that are handmade with male skin in mind. The production in small batches ensures high-quality results and the matching aftershave makes a great gift set.

Does your man have a beard that needs some TLC? Check out our natural organic products in the male grooming section. Beard oil will soothe the skin and soften the bristles in one go. Moustache wax caters for all sorts of styling needs.

Natural Hair Care

Talking about hair, you also asked for a home hair removal system. We have found a wonderful natural product for easy hair removal at home. Sugar Strip Ease was the top-selling sugaring system sold by the body shop for over 20 years. It works and it’s back and available here at Danu World. Follow that up with some aloe vera gel from our PHB range and your skin will be hair free and moisturized using only natural products.

Reusable Sanitary Products

We haven't ignored your requests for reusable sanitary items. Our feminine care range has products to suit all ages and needs. From reusable cloth pads to organic unbleached cotton tampons. Free from nasty ingredients and chemicals. These products will not just guarantee maximum comfort at a time, when you need it most, but also improve women's health in general. We know that you like choice and we have made sure that our personal care range is suited to all.

Do come in and have a look to see the wonderful array of natural and organic products we have chosen for you.