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When you’ve chosen the perfect ethical gift don’t fall at the last hurdle. Choose from our range of eco-friendly gift bags and boxes, and give the perfect finishing touch that can be used time and time again. The stunning designs will make your gift really stand out at any event and we all know there’s nothing nicer than receiving a beautifully wrapped gift.

Choosing reusable wrapping paper might seem like a small thing, but so does switching away from plastic wrap and grocery bags. And we all know how much gift wrap you can be left with after a party. Most of which can’t be recycled due to foil or glitter accents. Choosing planet-friendly gift wrap is another way to ‘be the change’ consciously making the decision to value the earth and its precious resources in everything we do. We believe that just like the gifts we are giving ethical gift wrap should be fairly made, eco-friendly and come from sustainable resources.p>At 7.6cm our eco-friendly small gift boxes are the perfect size for small treats like the Wild Olive bath bombs, which can be a little tricky to wrap, jewellery or a pair of bamboo socks. Or you could use them as a funky way to disguise a gift voucher or gift card. They are also a lovely idea for wedding favour boxes or party favours and a nice alternative to organza bags.

The gorgeous gift bags range from a dinky 7x10cm to a generous 36x26cm, making it easy to ethically wrap your gifts whatever you choose. Reuse some tissue paper to hide the gift or tie with a bow so there’s no tape to ruin the bag. The small gift bags again would be perfect wedding gift bags or party bags.

The Saa Paper Batik gift bags are made from Mulberry paper which has longer fibres than traditional paper making them durable and hardwearing and the colours are stunning. The large gorgeous paper gift bags are sturdy and strong and come complete with black cord handles for carrying in style.

If these options don’t seem quite right why not have a look at our jute reusable bags. Jute is a true superhero when it comes to sustainable fabric. It grows quickly, enriches the soil and removes large amounts of COfrom the atmosphere. Strong, durable and 100% biodegradable these bags have the benefit of being shopping bags, another gift that can be used for years to come.

The Jute and seagrass bowls also make a great starting point for gift baskets and the cello bags you often get around gift baskets aren’t really a requirement.

Eco-friendly gift wrap ideas


Fabric is the perfect reusable wrapping paper alternative because it comes in such a great array of patterns and colours just like wrapping paper. In Japan, fabric gift wrapping called “furoshiki, is so prevalent, it’s become an art form. There are plenty of inspiring pictures out there and some pretty good tutorials to get you going on your fabric gift wrap journey. Chances are you have some in the house already and don’t be afraid to think outside the box. While you could cut up a sheet or pillowcase, a sock could be the perfect bit of fabric for wrapping, a pretty innovative way to wrap bottles if you don’t have any wine bottle gift bags to hand, right?

If your furoshiki skills are lacking somewhat you can opt for fabric gift bags. Much like organza gift bags, there’s no folding or tape required, wrapping presents couldn’t be easier, and you can wash and reuse them over and over. Cloth gift bags and fabric gift wrap are even better if you can sew them out of recycled materials so why not sew some custom gift bags out of old clothes.

Newspapers, maps, paper bags

Wrapping paper is just paper which has been decorated and conveniently rolled around a tube. Newspaper makes great wrapping paper provided you’re not gift wrapping something that might stain. The crisp black print on white paper gives a very modern look, and it was going to end up in the recycling bin anyway so why not give it one last hurrah. The same goes for packing paper in your deliveries, Kraft bags, old calendars or maps, or even pictures that the kids have drawn for a truly personalized gift. If you want to jazz it up a bit you can get the paints or crayons out and even add a bit of eco-friendly glitter.

Even Kraft paper is a more eco-friendly alternative to gift wrapping paper at a fraction of the price. Giving traditionally wrapped brown paper packages tied up with string looks lovely and evoke images of Christmases in Narnia. Unlike a lot of gift wrap, it’s recyclable, usually already made from recycled paper and you can use the same roll whatever the event, for a wedding, birthday or Christmas. And you can make them look really special with ribbons and bows.

Accessorising your gifts

For those of us who really enjoy wrapping gifts, the finishing touches are all part of the gift wrapping process. Those ready-made foil bows might not be very eco-friendly but they are a simple and pretty finishing touch to that carefully chosen perfect gift. So what’s the alternative? Velvet or satin ribbon is beautiful and reusable, although it can be tricky to get that polished look without practice. Origami is another option and you can create some beautiful adornments from something as simple as the pages of an old book with a little effort.

Alternatively, the green option might be foliage and string. A sprig of rosemary other herbs will fragrance as well as beautify your gift. It’s 100% biodegradable and you can even give it a rinse and add it to your dinner.

Next time you wrap up a cooking book or a chopping board for someone why not wrap it in a fair trade tea towel and secure it with some kitchen string and a bouquet garni?

The fronts of old gift cards make lovely recycled gift tags (or another greeting card) and even fair trade chocolates can make a nice addition, the divine chocolate coins look great in the middle of a hand-tied bow or choc affair can convey your gift message by means of a sweet chocolate treat.

Re-use what you have

Reusing wrapping paper and tissue paper is the obvious one here but other things can be simply re-purposed into gift boxes or gift wrap. Toilet rolls make easy pillow boxes that can then be decorated, food jars are great for wrapping tricky items and scrapbook paper can be fashion into gift bags if you are creative enough with the hot glue gun.

If all else fails just give it in the box.