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stainless steel lunch box

Say goodbye to plastic sandwich bags, brittle plastic lunch boxes, cling film, tin foil and draws full of mismatched lids and tubs. Reduce your food waste by keeping food fresh and having the perfect reusable food storage solution for taking leftovers with you.

Lunch in style with our wide range of reusable food storage solutions. Everything from Abeego beeswax food wrap to a stainless steel lunch box. All designed with the planet in mind. Helping you get rid of the need for single-use plastic.

Whatever your food storage needs. Whether you are looking for insulated lunch boxes for hot food on the go, a bento box, children’s lunch bags with space for their water bottles or simply food containers for the fridge or freezer. We’ve compiled some of the best environmentally friendly products out there with ethical credentials to match.

To help get you started here are our best buys and why we love them.

1. Abeego wax wrap.

At Danuworld we absolutely love the natural, breathable, compostable food wraps from Abeego. Made from certified organic cotton and hemp infused with pure beeswax, tree resin and organic jojoba oil, these great smelling wraps will replace all your cling film, tin foil and plastic sandwich bag needs in one.

Abeego is the perfect alternative to parchment paper for cheese (which hates cling wrap as it needs to breathe), you can even take it with you to the deli counter. It’s also ideal for sandwiches, baked goods, fresh fruit and veg or covering leftovers. Abeego is flexible and slightly adhesive, easily moulded around bowls, or folded into neat packets, and happy to be kept in the fridge or freezer. Pretty much the only thing you can’t wrap with Abeego is raw meat. For that, you are much better off with stainless steel.

To clean simply use cool water and a biodegradable soap or dish soap and air dry.

Designed with nature in mind, Abeego wraps let food breathe keeping it fresher for longer. And just as it is inspired by nature, so it will return to nature. Unlike aluminium foil or Ziploc bags, when wraps reach the end of their life, a year or longer with proper care, just pop them on the compost pile.

Abeego as a brand has some amazing ethics.

  • They are ‘zero waste’ turning any offcuts into twist ties and fire starters.
  • They treat the natural beeswax and the honeybees that make it as a precious resource, so unlike plastic wrap, Abeego is designed to last.
  • They are primarily people-powered, except for their awesome waxing machine that has tripled output using the same amount of energy.

The mixed pack is a great starter set, including three Abeego flats. So why not replace cling wrap and plastic baggies today with organic cotton fabric, beeswax, resin and jojoba oil. Reduce your waste and enjoy fresher food

2.  Keep Leaf and Roll’eat reusable sandwich bags and wraps.

you are looking for a ‘litterless’ lunch this is the place to start. You can replace your bulky lunch box and clingfilm in one go. And food storage doesn’t have to be boring. Danuworld stock sandwich bags and wraps in some amazing patterns and colours that will really brighten up your kid's school lunch.

Both these brands have ethical production, sustainability and the environment firmly at the heart of everything they do, creating beautiful, well-designed products that make the world, and your lunch bag, a better place.

Keep Leaf baggies are perfect for packing a sandwich, or any number of other snacks for when you are out and about. These reusable bags are Fairtrade, dishwasher safe, machine washable, BPA free and super easy to use due to their simple design and Velcro fastening.

Keep Leaf also make a Fairtrade, machine washable, BPA Free, 100% Organic Cotton insulated lunch bag. Perfect for the warmer months. This carrying bag is big enough for sandwiches, snacks and a water bottle. And the fact that it has a water-resistant lining means you can even put an ice pack in on a hot day to ensure your lunch stays fresh and cool.

Roll’eat make some inventive products that perfectly combine functionality and design. Their Boc n Roll reusable food wrap is an innovative alternative to plastic wrap and tinfoil, that doubles as a reusable lunch box and placemat. Made of high-quality food grade polyester and cotton they are washable, freezer safe, impermeable, wipe clean, BPA free and can handle temperatures of up to 70 degrees so are great for taking a hot roll with you in the morning.

Plus they pack down flat so you aren’t carrying a bulky lunchbox with you all day. And if you like to have a few different treats with you the Snack’n’Go pocket is ideal. Roll’eat Snack and Go tubes a versatile container for carrying a healthy snack.

Team with a stainless steel water bottle and your lunch can be lightweight and waste-free wherever you go.

3. Made Sustained stacking round lunch box set

As food storage containers go these are some of the best. This set of three stainless steel lunchboxes have silicone lids meaning they are leakproof and great for wet lunches such as rice or salads but also for keeping leftovers fresh and reducing waste. This sustainable lunchbox set is virtually indestructible so perfect for packing kid’s lunches.

They are dishwasher safe, toxin-free and freezer friendly. Meaning if you are really organised you can batch cook your lunches and just grab one from the freezer. As they’re stainless steel you can even put them in the oven but not the microwave. They are also great for baby food and a lot less breakable than glass jars.

Not quite a tiffin but we think as good as. The large container is enough for a good-sized portion, the medium container is perfect for a healthy side and the small 150ml tub is great for packing treats and snacks.

Another great supplier, Made Sustained make a wide range of reusable products including insulated bottles and re-sack shopping bags. As a brand, they are creating a greater self-awareness and are aiming to reduce waste and to contribute to a better environment. They run their warehouse solely on solar panels and are members of the green surf alliance.

4. U-Konserve Insulated Food Jar

We happen to live in a country where sandwiches, however varied and delicious are not always what you fancy for lunch. And where picking up your tiffin from the local restaurant is far from common.

That’s where the U-Konserve insulated food Jar comes in. Similar to a thermos, insulated food storage vastly increases your options for lunch boxes and picnics. The double wall design means it remains cool to touch and stays moisture free. Being stainless steel it will never taint your food, it has a leak-proof silicone seal, and keeps food hot or cold for at least four hours. A thermal lunch box means you can have homemade soup, stew, or noodles wherever you are.

U-Konserve also makes a great Bento box style stainless steel lunch box with a removable divider, great for laptop lunches.

5. The Fluf Zipper Lunch Bags

Shipping your child off to school in the morning for many parents includes making them lunch, and even you don’t pack lunches for school kids love a picnic.

Organic, sustainable, natural, fully machine washable and BPA Free. These gorgeous cotton bags are the perfect alternative to a brittle plastic lunchbox. They are ideal for your kids' school lunch as they are roomy, easy to carry and fun. The handy inside pocket keeps a reusable drink bottle upright and stops it from squashing fruit or sandwiches.

Combine with a couple of kid-friendly wraps and you have everything you need for an eco-friendly lunch on the go.