fairtrade fashion

The ethical fashion industry is undoubtedly growing as more and more people are beginning to seek out organic ethical clothing that is both environmentally friendly and socially responsible. However, if you are on the lookout for sustainable fashion that is fair trade and guilt-free it can still be difficult to find on the high street.

We believe in moving away from a disposable culture, be that by purchasing reusable coffee cups and water bottles, choosing recycled homeware, putting certified organic all-natural products on our skin, or filling your wardrobe with ethical clothing brands who commit to fair trade practices and follow slow fashion principles.

As such we have compiled a growing collection of sustainable fashion and accessories, including organic cotton and bamboo socks by thought clothing, handcrafted jewellery, goat leather handbags and fleece lined jumpers and cardigans from knitwear designers Pachamama. We have both men’s clothing and women’s clothing made from eco-friendly bamboo, organic cotton and consciously sourced wool. And keep your eyes open for new arrivals as we expand our range.

Fairtrade Clothes

The fair trade movement is about much more than guaranteeing a fair price to coffee farmers. fair trade organizations focus on the whole supply chain. Not only does fair trade certification mean ensuring the health and safety of factory workers in developing countries and paying a premium to make sure they receive a fair hourly rate. It also means safeguarding against child labour and increasing standards of living to create secure and sustainable livelihoods for future generations.

The garment industry, including many high street clothing manufacturers and retailers, has come under scrutiny many times for ethical issues such as poor working conditions in factories and the use of child labour, the disposable nature of fashion design and the environmental credentials of clothing fabrics. Leading to the emergence of many ethical clothing brands and a shift in focus towards sustainable clothing.

In 1989, the Brundtland Commission articulated what has now become a widely accepted definition of sustainability: “[to meet] the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs.” Sustainability is key to our mission statement, reducing our environmental impact, using recycled materials and choosing ethical trade. So, we love it when we find ethical brands that apply these same principles and put people first.

Ethical Clothing

Thought clothing use 100% natural bamboo fabric, organic cotton and hemp fibre, grown without harmful pesticides and chemicals as well as other natural or recycled fabrics such as recycled polyester made from plastic bottles.

Eco-friendly, organic bamboo clothing is softer, stronger and far kinder to the environment than its alternatives. Bamboo fabric is a renewable resource, as growing bamboo plants requires no fertilizers, and they can be harvested without damaging the original plant which also reduces soil erosion. Likewise, the other materials thought clothing use such as hemp, which is fast growing and sucks up greenhouse gasses, and organic cotton carrying the fair trade mark, are kind to the environment.

And unlike others in the textile industry, they work ethically and follow fair trade practices in everything they do. From their fashion design and production to delivery and packaging. From first to final stitch, they make each piece of their collection in the same country, so it doesn’t get shipped from place to place. And when it’s time to transport it, they ship it, slowly.

Thought design fairtrade clothes that are intended to last, in fact, they have a mantra “wear me, love me, mend me, pass me on”. We doubt you’ll be giving yours away, although you might want to buy more as gifts, and they even have ideas for mending and upcycling their clothes.

The result of all this is garments you’ll love, that are a joy to wear and combine comfort and style while having a conscience. We genuinely believe that once you try their collection organic cotton and bamboo socks and underwear you won’t be disappointed. Bamboo rayon (bamboo viscose) has some amazing properties. It keeps you warm when it’s cold and cool when it’s warm. It’s moisture wicking so great for wearing next to the skin. It’s super soft and smooth at a microscopic level, so great if you have sensitive skin. And is said to be both antibacterial and antimicrobial, so no more smelly feet. 

Forget everything you thought you knew about cotton underwear and switch to eco-friendly bamboo men's and women's pants. The stretchy fabric is blissfully soft and moves with your body. 

Pachamama Knitwear

Pachamama specialises in fair trade knitwear, and have a gorgeous collection of hoodies, jackets and accessories in their own, unique, ‘simple with a twist’ style. Ladies knitwear, mens knitwear, hats, blankets and cushion covers. All their fair trade garments are handmade, utilising artisan skills, providing much-needed employment and income to mainly subsistence farmers who supplement their income making beautiful fair trade products.

Meaning 'mother earth' in the language of the Incas, Pachamama has been practising ethical trading and developing strong and sustainable relationships with their suppliers since they started in 1990. They commit to placing year-round orders with their suppliers, despite the seasonality of their products. There’s definitely less demand for a fleece lined knit sweater in summer. They use recycled cardboard packaging and labels and re-use packaging when sending out their orders. And they donate at least 10% of the profit on all sales to Net4Kids, an international charity working in Nepal.

Whereas a cropped sweater or turtleneck jumper like so much women’s fashion, might be in and out in a matter of months and live the rest of its life at the back of the wardrobe, Pachamama’s knitwear design is practical, stylish, looks great over a pair of skinny jeans and is so comfortable and cosy you are unlikely to ever want to take it off again. And if you like an oversized sweater then check the knitwear for men.

This is green fashion at it’s finest. Turn the heating down and snuggle up.

Handmade Jewellery and Accessories

Ethical fashion doesn’t just incorporate socks, bamboo clothes, knitting and woven fabrics. It’s so often the accessories (unique jewellery or shoes) that make an outfit, update our wardrobe and show off our individual style. Simple short sleeve cotton t-shirts and blue jeans are instantly lifted with the right necklace or bangles. Yet finding ethical handmade jewellery can be as difficult as buying organic cotton clothing in high street stores.

We’ve compiled a gorgeous selection of handmade necklaces and artisan costume jewellery featuring everything from glass beads and stones to recycled crayons. So your next statement beaded necklace will be making a statement in more ways than one.

Need a new handbag? Choose from a collection of four wonderfully soft and tactile goat leather bags, handmade by a small family business near Delhi. These handmade handbags are spacious, high quality and fair trade, for a fraction of the price of designer handbags.

And forget designer purses. Our fairtrade selection of bags purses and wallets are an eco-friendly, ethical and stylish way to carry your money. And the fact they are fair trade certified means you know the cooperatives of people who made them have been fairly paid.