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Eco Rainbow Reusable Sanitary Pads Mini

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  • Reusable MINI sanitary pads (7")
  • Hygienic odor-free pads ideal for light day flow.
  • Features poppers on the wings to securely fit.
  • Can add a hidden layer of waterproof PUL inside the pad.

Eco Rainbow Reusable Sanitary Pads Mini

Why reusable pads? Safe and better for the environment and reduces the use of a disposable sanitary napkin. True enough! Plus add cost-efficient.

Why use disposable pads when you can wash, dry and reuse one? This amazing eco-friendly Eco Rainbow Sanitary Pads Mini features 7" washable pads that accommodate light blood flows. It is placed just like ordinary pads in the gusset of the underwear and fits by securely snapping the poppers attached on the wings.

This pad is comfortable to wear and do not contain toxins that cause irritation and discomfort. Each pad has an ultra-absorbent Zorb inner and fleece backing. You can also add a hidden layer of waterproof PUL inside the pad for added protection.

Collect 4 different patterns from the variation to fit your mood when the time of the month comes!

Size: 7"

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