Eco Gift Sets, Vouchers and Mystery Boxes

eco gifts

Ethical giving made easy and fun. If you are looking for easy eco gifts Danuworld has put together some lovely ethical gift sets starting at under £5. We have gift vouchers. Or if you are looking for a surprise gift for yourself or just don’t know where to start, check out our mystery boxes.

Danuworld is packed full of gorgeous eco-friendly items each one of which might make the perfect gift. We have gorgeous items for the home such as photo frames and rugs, fairly traded and made from recycled materials. Organic cotton or recycled plastic throws that your girlfriend, wife or friends will love. So many green gifts for kids. And all sorts of gifts to help you cut waste reduce your environmental impact such as stainless-steel water bottles so you can ditch the plastic bottles, abeego to replace your plastic wrap, reusable bags for shopping and gorgeous reusable coffee glasses to save the disposable cups from landfill.

Not to mention all the amazing organic natural health and beauty products that are just crying out to be popped into gift bags and become thoughtful gifts for any special occasion. And they’ll last a lot longer than food or flowers.

Eco Gifts - Gift Sets

Our selection of gift baskets make great eco gifts. The pick a penguin gift set is the perfect balance of eat now and use forever and would make a lovely birthday gift or holiday gift for teachers. The Garden Lovers gift set is ideal for anyone who has a love for nature and the planet. Truly responsible giving, you are supporting livelihoods, the bees, and the seedball tins are even made using renewable energy.

If you are in the market for eco gifts it’s probably because gift giving should reflect your own values as well as choosing something the recipient will love. A Danu online gift voucher is a great way to give someone a sustainable, thoughtful gift you know they will love. You’re giving the choice of 1000’s products, hand picked for the fact that they are ethically made, sustainable and kind to the planet. Print it out the gift certificate (on recycled paper of course) and pop it in a greeting card, package it in a fair trade gift box for a great surprise gift, or simply email the voucher code.

Gift Vouchers

Our gift vouchers come in £5, £10 and £25 denominations so you can choose an amount that suits you. Gift vouchers are also a great way of saving for birthday presents, Christmas gifts or a treat for yourself. They work just like cash and are redeemable against any of our wonderful products. So, if you're not sure whether to buy makeup or bath salts, tea, chocolate or a Fairtrade photo frame, this could be just the eco-friendly gift you are looking for.

Gift vouchers are also a great option for a kid’s birthday gift. There is so much choice when it comes to toys but with a Danuworld voucher, you know whatever they choose will be environmentally friendly and stand the test of time.

Mystery Boxes

If you are looking for a unique gift but there’s just too much choice or you have just run out of ideas why not try a Danuword Mystery gift box. You get a great deal and a bit of excitement. Perfect for a birthday surprise for yourself, treating your wife or girlfriend, even wedding gifts, valentines day gifts, housewarming gifts or a bit of a helping hand for your wedding anniversary.

So… what is a Mystery gift box?

Well, it’s just that. A Mystery. Your surprise gift could contain any of our eco-friendly, Fairtrade gifts. All you know is the RRP. Please feel free to add a bit of information about the recipient in the comments and we will do our best to choose them the perfect gift you might never have thought of. Oh, and let us know if they have any food allergies as some of our yummy treats may well make it into the mix.

If you love surprises (and a bit of a gamble) and are looking for unique, sustainable gifts then this is for you.