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Bambu Baby's Bowl
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Bambu Bamboo Coasters Bike
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Bambu Bamboo Coasters Pine Tree
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Bambu Bamboo Coasters with Stag Motif - Set of 4
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Bambu Large Condiment Cups

Eco Friendly Tableware

eco friendly tableware

Ethical Eco Friendly Crockery

Our range of gorgeous eco friendly crockery includes plates, bowls, jugs, mugs, condiment sets and more. Each piece is hand painted in Thailand in an ethical factory. The vibrant rainbow glaze is perfect for brightening up your breakfast table or injecting a bit of rainbow magic into your favourite cup of fair trade tea. The large Fairtrade rainbow dinner plates are perfect for family suppers, injecting a bit colour to even the greyest days. All the rainbow dinnerware is dishwasher and microwave safe so is ideal for everyday use. The pasta bowls are great for indulging in a steaming bowl of noodle soup or nutritious salad. Why not try filling one with quinoa, roasted sweet potatoes, green leaves, toasted seeds, a handful of olives and a good drizzle of olive oil. Let your inner chef get creative (you could even show us a snap on Instagram or Twitter).

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Rainbow Stripes Mug
£4.96  (2)
Bambu Sporks
£2.26   £2.00  (1)
Rainbow Tall Mug - horizontal stripes
Rainbow Plate Large
Rainbow pasta bowl
Rainbow Jug small
Rainbow Cup & Teapot Set
£14.95  (1)
Rainbow Teapot Small
Bambu Bamboo Coasters with Stag Motif - Set of 4
£14.95   £6.00
Rainbow coffee cup and saucer
£5.95  (1)
Rainbow cup and saucer large
£8.95  (1)
Rainbow jug hooped
Handpainted rainbow stripe set 3 tapas bowls
Rainbow toast rack curved
Shared Earth Mug And Spoon Rainbow
Bambu Spork & Cork
£9.00   £6.00
Handpainted rainbow stripe set 4 tapas bowls
nkuku Idika Dot Glass
Bambu Baby's Bowl
£12.00   £8.00
Bambu Bamboo Coasters Pine Tree
£15.00   £6.50
Bambu Large Serving Tray
£28.00   £12.19
Bambu Reversible Candle Holder Thin
Large recycled aluminium oval bowl
nkuku Bwari Long Marble Board Large
nkuku Inu Decorative Glass Dome
nkuku star napkin rings brass set of 4
Rainbow Hoops Mug
£4.96  (2)
Bambu Bamboo Coasters Bike
£15.00   £6.50
Bambu Large Condiment Cups
Fair Trade Mango Wood Cheese Platter
Mango wood serving tray with handles
nkuku Dakara Ceramic Plate
Rainbow Butter Dish
Rainbow toast rack
Recycled aluminium oval bowl
Recycled aluminium pair of salad servers
Recycled aluminium pickle tray
Recycled Blue Glass Tumblers
Rainbow Eggcup
£2.95  (1)
Rainbow Hoop Mug KCMU871
Rainbow Plate Small
£4.96  (1)
Rainbow sugar bowl with lid
£4.96  (1)
Rainbow Teapot Large
£14.95  (4)
Rainbow Bowl
Rainbow tapas bowl 10cm

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The smaller plates are ideal to use as lunch plates, side plates or salad plates, and the matching salad serving bowl means you can really add some colour to your next dinner party or family lunch. Combine the small plates, salad bowls (also great as breakfast bowls), cups and saucers and you get the perfect breakfast place settings. They match the toast rack, teapot, milk jug and sugar bowl. And as the whole range is dishwasher safe you’ll have no trouble getting them clean in time for afternoon tea and cake.

If you have little ones to cater for the organic Bambu Baby’s bowl is the perfect dinnerware set for smaller hands. Made from a single piece of bamboo, there's no lacquer or glue, just natural material. The natural shape of the bamboo lends itself beautifully to make a stable bowl, perfect for small hands feeding themselves as it's less like to tip over. Plus being naturally stain resistant, hypoallergenic and anti-microbial, it's the perfect material for food presentation and it is also BPA and PVC free.

If you are looking for tableware and glassware more suited for drinks and nibbles or a dinner party, our range of recycled glasses, trays and serving dishes are an ethical way to add a bit of eco-elegance to your party. The stunning range of fairtrade aluminium enamelled serving dishes and bowls are perfect for entertaining guests and look great as display items when not in use.

Recycling aluminium saves up to 90% carbon emissions compared to the process of making new, not to mention the fact that aluminium is a non-renewable resource. Thus in buying these hand cast, ethically produced items you are getting high quality, durable, one of a kind craftsmanship that is as good for the earth as it is for you. You can even comment on its waste reducing credentials when guests inevitably comment on the beautiful bowls you are serving their tortilla chips from.

The vibrant turquoise nibble set comes on a handmade wooden tray and features 3 bowls with matching spoons. Use for serving nuts and olives with a pre-dinner glass of sparkling wine, stylishly displaying condiments on the dining table or even dishing up individual desserts.

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